A Very Merry Christmas (week)

by lovelysimply


  When I was a little girl, I started thinking about my Christmas Eve dress about a month in advance. I always wanted a big, full, twirly skirt that I could spin around in. I was a chunky little kid– and even at age nine I was insecure about it. The dresses in the girls section never fit me right– and I used to feel so discouraged when my dream dress either didn’t exist or didn’t fit me. I’ll never forget coming home once from the mall when we were on Christmas furlough in Massachusetts (I grew up in thailand) and telling a relative that the dress I wanted didn’t fit right… And that relative told my chubby little nine-year-old self that maybe if I lost some weight the dresses would fit me. It’s crazy because I’m sure that relative doesn’t remember saying that to me…but I was so devastated and so embarrassed that it’s still vividly in my head to this day. If I ever have a little girl, I hope I can teach her to love herself, and to pursue health, not skinniness. 

Um, anyway…Now every year I search out the fullest skirts that I can find, and I wear my petticoats and my heels and feel like the cupcake princess I always wanted to be. This dress stands up to everything I look for in my Christmas Eve dresses. 

We took these photos at The Hamilton House in town. The estate was completely empty, but naturally just as we were taking pictures, a man appeared toting his lunch bag, innocently in search of a quiet meal. Meanwhile I’m awkwardly standing there in my super fancy outfit and high heels…I am ALWAYS embarrassed when I’m “caught” posing. Thankfully having a baby makes it slightly less humiliating. Oh well. I love these photos of my Redmond and I so it was well worth it. 


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Dress: c/o shabby Apple

Shoes c/o Famous footwear 

Petticoat (old, similar  Here)