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Month: February, 2016

Things I’m Bad At pt. 2

I am terribly bad at more than just a few things. My first post is here, but it just grazes the surface. This is the second edition, and my second outfit with this gorgeous Cape-Vest situation.img_0240The weather this winter has been strikingly mild– and on this particular day in Indianapolis (I’ll be writing a little travel post soon–where we ate, what we did ect.) it was sunny, and in the low 50’s. I wore an all black look with over the knee boots (in case your eyes aren’t working and you can only read text and can’t see pictures somehow. Why do we describe our outfits? As a Wise Man/Woman would say, pictures speak louder than words, even though I love me an overabundance of words. Too bad I don’t get paid per word like good old Dickens. I’d be wealthy and out buying all the cape-vests in the world. Or just like, tons of fancy coffee and treats.) and this vest offered just enough warmth. Did you forget I was writing a sentence because of the novel I wrote within those parenthesis? I almost did too.img_0238


Anyway, on to The List.

  1. Screwing lids onto things. I guess I can chalk it up to inexcusable laziness but I am continuously not screwing lids back onto jars/bottles tight enough. On more than one dark occasion, this has led to Huge Messes…like pickle juice all over the kitchen floor…siracha dripping dismally into every refrigerator crevice…vinegar splashing down our counters and onto the rug…You know? And every time I promise myself I will Get Better. Currently there is a jar of peanut butter in our cabinet with the top not fully screwed on so…Judge for yourselves.
  2. Keeping a Clean Car. I want to have a clean car. I really do. When I got my current vehicle, I was bound and determined to keep it neat and tidy. It’s the newest, fanciest, safest car I’ve ever owned. I got my first loan to get it. For a few months I did great. Then I had a baby. Now, it is an utter disaster, just like every car I’ve had before it. Coffee cups, gum wrappers, granola bar crumbs, bits of paper, eating utensils…and to add insult to injury (or to heap humiliation atop embarrassment) there are milk droplets from all the times I’ve pumped while driving. There are milk droplets EVERYWHERE. img_0236-1img_0233
  3. Keeping track of water bottles. Every year my husband gets me a snazzy new water bottle for Christmas. Every year, I manage to lose it. Then I get a cheap one. Then I lose that as well. Then I go through a few months of carting around sad looking plastic water bottles that I keep rinsing and refilling. Then I give up and stop drinking water. Just kidding, but only a little bit. Then at some point in the year, I will inevitably clean out my car (or my husband will, once he can’t stand the state of my vehicle anymore) and I’ll find one of the lost ones hidden beneath a seat. Right where I dropped it. So far, I have not lost this years Holiday water bottle. I have left it at two locations, but its been returned to me so….I guess I’m doing pretty well. img_0239

I’m pretty good at some stuff too though, so I guess it all balances out. I have about a million more things I could add on here. Following directions. Computers. Putting away laundry (why is there always so much?) Keeping my purse/diaper bag organized. Keeping anything organized…The lists goes on. But I’m REALLY good at loving the heck out of that little baby boy up there, as well as my husband, so I think I’m in the clear.

Anyone else bad at these things?

Cape-Vest c/o


boots, similar here

similar tights

I’ll Be All like Jackie O.


I really love sunglasses. But I am TERRIBLE at keeping track of them. Sometimes I’ll have like…fifteen pairs (I get them cheap as you please, don’t worry) and then I’ll lose them and suddenly have one pair…always the pair I like the least. Because, obviously. And then I have to get new ones and my husband will be all “You have millions of pairs” and I have to tell him…no. I HAD millions of pairs. Now I have one pair.



So whenever I lust after gorgeous, expensive sunglasses, it’s not even on my radar. Strict Shopping Budget aside, I would be terrified of losing them. These Karen Walker ones from Ditto are literally a dream. And they are rented. And they come in this super snazzy box that is blue and beautiful, and I keep them in there religiously when I’m not wearing them because if I lost them I would have to like…sell my spleen to pay for them. Is that a thing? I feel like I need my spleen. Or is that one of those throwaway organs? Suffice to say I ACED biology. img_0563


With this vintage jacket on and these damn fly sunnies (I talk that way, because I’m very hip) I felt like a modern Jackie O, and if you are from New England/anywhere ever than that is the best feeling. img_0569


Also while we were taking these photos, a car drove by and honked at us, and I almost died from the embarrassment. I would like to take every photo in some spot where there is NO CHANCE IN HELL of being seen by anyone, not even a curious passing animal…but since we live in the World, that is not possible and so I suck it up and continue confusing the citizens of Maine. And the wildlife of Maine.

If you want to get your OWN beyond fabulous pair of Karen Walker sunglasses (and they have so many. I will probably just keep sending mine back and asking for another pair in a different style because I am OBSESSED) for FREE, then you can sign up for a trial with the code SIMPLYHANNAH on DittoWorth it.

Thanks to Ditto for collaborating with me on this post.



Breastfeeding Essentials (Featuring Gift Genie Express)


Ok, yes I may be a little obsessed with breastfeeding. I wrote a post on it when I was woefully miserable with cracked, mastitis-y, blistered ass nipples here. And I wrote more recently about how I managed to muck through the first three agonizing months (are you scared yet? Don’t be. But I cannot tell a lie.) and come out the other side here. I could go on and on for DAYS about breastfeeding, but suffice to say, it was nothing like I anticipated.

Nick and I didn’t take any birthing classes before Redmond made his debut. I get very anxious when faced with Too Much Information, and for me, it was better to do research on my own, talk to friends who’d had babies, and head into it without preconceived notions of what I hoped it would be. This worked well for me, but the downside was that I knew positively nothing about breastfeeding prior to my wriggling, slippery, ten pound newborn being brought to my bosom. I figured that if it worked, it would just happen. You know? So I had no “gear” at all, besides a few breast pads, two non-supportive nursing bras, and that was about it. Now? Well, now I have all the gear. Recently Gift Genie Express sent me their nursing gift box, and let me just say….if you have a friend who is about to have a baby, get them this. If you are about to have a baby, get yourself this. img_0245

Everything in this box is a. super helpful/necessary, and b. made by real woman and mothers. Which is a bonus.

And now, for The List.

  1. BREAST PADS. Oh my gosh, the sheer amount of leakage I did (and still do, just less so now) in the first months after Redmond was absurd. I had like, three breast pads at the beginning. Now? I have around fifteen sets. My Breastfeeding Support Box included a really cute, SUPER soft and absorbent set, and I stocked up on these ones. They’re under 4.00 per pack, so its worth it.
  2. SLEEP BRAS. On the  topic of leaking…before I wore a bra to sleep in with breastpads to keep things under control, I would wake myself up in a puddle of my own milk every night. I am talking milk everywhere. We had to change the sheets daily, and I felt disgusting. But my lactation consultant had insisted on not wearing a bra to sleep in…I think she should have clarified by saying not to wear a constricting or underwire bra at night, because as soon as I started wearing this bra to sleep in, complete with pads, it got so much better. No more aching nipples/boobs flopping around, and no more Milk Swamp.
  3. NIPPLE BALM. My gift box included a great little chapstick like tube of balm in it. I haven’t needed any in a while, but this was perfect timing since Redmond has sprouted three adorable teeth, and on our recent flight to Indianapolis, he used those teeth on my nipple…so…thank goodness for the balm. When I was in the trenches of nursing during the first three months, I would anoint my nipples with Earth Mama Nipple Cream BEFORE I nursed, so that my dry, cracked nips would’t bleed. I’m sorry, so graphic, but so true. And it helped them heal tremendously.
  4. SUPPLY BOOSTING FOODS. I honestly have had a TON of milk since it came in. At times, too much…which is why I got mastitis twice and was prone to blocked ducts for a while there…But at the start of things, I had a really hard time pumping. I am away from Redmond for three days a week, so I was in a panic that I wouldn’t have a store set aside for him. I ate Oat Mama bars and, as if by magic, my milk began to flow into the pump. Nowadays, Redmond is beginning to dabble in the world of solid foods and the universe of teething. That means that some days, he will nurse just enough for sustenance, and other days, he is like a breastfeeding machine. I was getting pretty nervous about my supply dipping and not being able to catch up to him when he was ravenous, so the Lotus Tea in my gift box has been a great help. I drink it once a day. Its delicious, and it seems to be helping even things out. There is also a lactation mix in package, and I plan on making granola bars with it, so I’ll let you know how it works. img_0318
  5. NURSING BEADS. These are one of the things I would have pish-poshed at the beginning of motherhood. But now that my sweet baby boy is like a wildling when he nurses, they come in handy. He literally has hands flailing all over the place unless he is completely exhausted. He pulls my hair, sticks his fingers up my nose, fish hooks my bottom lip– anything he can manage to grab. I have been trying really hard to break him of hair pulling, so now I wear the beads (When I remember to) and wrap his fists around them when he starts grabbing. He also likes chewing on them, and they are cute with an outfit, so its a win all around. Get some. Save your hair. I feel like if Redmond had his way, I would be bald.
  6. HAND PUMP. Thank goodness our insurance covered the expensive electric pump I got, because I HATED IT and it would have been a huge waste of money. It hurt, I never had the “let down” I needed with it, it took forever, the speeds were never right–for me, it just didn’t work. The hand pump I got for under 30 bucks? Works just fine. Now I can pump about 8 oz in ten minutes. In the car. Which is where it usually happens, lets be real. img_0319
  7. NURSING BRAS. So important. They have to be supportive too. Because I felt like Frump Master 3000 in the first few weeks with my engorged bosoms and saggy bras…I did a lot of research and found some affordable, cute nursing bras that I still like/am wearing. This one is on sale for 10 dollars right now. I have it in black and tan and they are my favorite. La Isla also makes a good one for under 20 dollars. My gift box came with these cute little bra clips (you can see one in the photo above) to help remind you which side to nurse on. These really are helpful, since in the beginning, I couldn’t keep track of much, and I lived in constant fear of starting on the wrong side and then getting engorged and then getting a blocked duct and OH MY GOD MASTITIS NOT AGAIN. You know? Who needs the stress. Stick a little clip on the side that you need to nurse on next, and you are ready to go.img_0244 So there it is. I hope I haven’t scared you or overwhelmed you if you’re a first time mommy. Breastfeeding is totally worth it if you can do it. Its pain free now, and I don’t mind it at all. I like having the connection with Redmond, and I like snuggling him post nursing. But it isn’t easy for everyone, and hopefully this list can make it better for some of you out there. Other mama’s, what are some things you couldn’t/can’t live without?

Thanks to Gift Genie Express for collaborating with me for this post!

I Wish, I Wish

So as mentioned Here, I’m on a pretty strict shopping budget. So strict that it’s basically non-existant… And even though I have plenty of clothing, a girl can dream. And so, since I can’t really buy any of it, but I still browse around and, you know, put stuff in my online shopping cart, I figured I’d put an Impossiblities Wishlist together. And maybe if it’s not Impossible for you, you can buy it and I’ll live vicariously.  

 This dress. It’s actually not that out of the realm of reality–it’s only 17$ (!) and I could maybe nurse in it. But until the Endless New England Winter draws to its close, I’ll have to dream of sandals, turquoise bracelets, and the perfect top knot to pair with this dress.

 IF I didn’t have gigantic milk boobs, I’d be all up in this. But if I attempted to wear this Suit, it would be a disaster of nip slips and side boob and probably milk stains. When I say probably I mean definitely milk stains.

This dress begs for warm weather, red ballet flats, and a big-ass brunch, sitting outside and eating all the treats and drinking all the mimosas. Oh, and it’s only 23$. Probably cheaper than this brunch situation I’m imagining. 

 Well This little duo would be perfect for a afternoon spent bopping around a flea market. If I had a cool 100 to drop on it. And if it was warm enough to hop around a flea market. I’d add a straw boater hat like This one and be fabulous.    

  Be still my heart. IF I didn’t have boobs. This dress I’d wear on a hot summer evening, sipping a margarita and gossiping with my girlfriends.  


This dress. Oh, that DRESS! It basically has my name written on it…the print…the full skirt…the sash in the back…the fact that I could nurse in it…oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.
No picture here because you should see them for yourself but, Basically everything from Beverly swimwear. I just want to be on a beach. Drinking fancy drinks.   

And finally, This dress. I don’t think I could pull off those amazing sandals, but the cool, sexy, comfortable vibe of this piece…I love it. Throw it on with a wrap around leather belt and a wide brim hat and LETS HIT THE SHOPPING DISCTRICT in some wonderfully warm Italian city. It’s less than 20 bucks. Buy it and head to Europe. You’re welcome. 

Sometimes I wish that I had all the money in the world to shop. But then I remember how damn lucky I am with the life I have–a precious baby, a loving husband, and so many little luxuries. Life is very sweet. 
P.s. What’s on your wish list??

Culinary Adventures with Redmond

I think I have mentioned this before, but the only book I read when I was pregnant was Bringing up Bebe. I absolutely loved it, seeing as I’m an American girl who likes style and food, and clearly I am obsessed with all things French. Am I right? We followed the sleep advice in this book (with some additions of our own– I promise I’ll write about this soon.) and it worked incredibly well. Redmond was sleeping seven hours straight by about six weeks, and he’s been doing eleven to twelve hours straight since he was three months old. So, with that success, I am obviously taking the books baby food advice to heart. img_9566

Now here’s the thing. According to the book, the majority of Parisians do the same general thing with their babies. This really would cut down on the mom guilt and mom judgment that is consistently ladled onto us here in the Land of the Free where we have so many options to the way in which we wish to raise our children. This comes with pros and cons obviously. It’s great to be able to explore Baby led Weaning, or exclusive nursing past twelve months, or baby cereal, or homemade baby food, or…well, you get the point. BUT it’s easy to fall into the idea that your way is the best way. I try to remind myself regularly that my way is only the best way for me and my baby. Because that is the thing. Whatever you choose to do, as long as you are a happy wife/mom/girlfriend/woman and your little one is happy and healthy as well, then that’s the best thing.

Ok. I think I have safely managed to avoid all opportunity for criticism (can you tell I’m super sensitive? Cause I am. Cruel words make me crumble) and we can continue.img_9565

I really want Redmond to be a good eater. I spent my childhood in Thailand and was exposed to all kinds of different foods, and while I obviously had my preferences, I had to try lots of things I was scared of because it was considered rude to refuse food, even for children. I am not terribly courageous when it comes to exotic meats…my husband will LITERALLY EAT ANYTHING. When we last visited my dad and stepmom in Chiangmai, Nick was pounding the raw squirrel meat and Grub spread. I kid you not. Me? Not so much. But I am always eager to try new cuisines. And I want Redmond to have that same curiosity and not subsist on the dreaded Mono Diet.

Bringing Up Bebe advised that we start  our baby on vegetables. So far I’ve made all of his meals and haven’t had to buy jarred food. We also haven’t given him rice cereal. Although there is NOTHING wrong with that– I happen to know a little girl who started on the cereal, and she is an amazing eater. But the Parisians don’t do it and goodness, let us be Parisian or die. Plus I’m real cheap, and making Reds food at home saves us the dollar dollar bills yo. Also, as the control freak that I am, I get to keep track of everything I put into his meals. If you have the time, it doesn’t take a lot of effort.img_9569

I try to introduce new flavors to him every few days. Last week I did sour kiwi, and this week I’m doing curry. If you gals (and guys.) like this, I’ll post some recipes every few weeks. I adore cooking. It is a love language for me, and something that reminds me of my mom, who was a wonderful home cook. I helped her in the kitchen from the time I could sit on the counter. And I’ll be honest, as much as I HATE THE INEVITABLE PASSING OF TIME and want Redmond to sloooooow down, I am real excited for when  he can help me out too.

Anyway. Redmond eats one meal (dinner, with us) and nurses five to six times throughout the day. If I’m cooking or cleaning and he is sitting in his little chair, I’ll put soft foods on his tray for him to “feed” himself. Usually banana or boiled root veggies. I keep super tabs on this because he still is mastering swallowing, so I never ever leave him alone with food.

At dinner, we feed him purees. I use my magic bullet to make his meals, but you could use any blender I think. This is the longest post ever so I’m going to shut up and leave the recipes. Au revoir!



1/4 cup chopped beets

1/4 cup chopped carrots

2 tbs coconut milk

a pinch of sweet curry powder

Boil the beets and carrots until they are very soft. Add them to your blender with the coconut milk and the curry. Puree until completely  smooth. Refrigerate or freeze. Makes 3 servings.




1/4 cup oats (I accidentally bought quick oats, so that is what I used)

1/2 cup water

1 sliced kiwi

1 tsp chia seed

1/4 cup sliced banana

2 tbs liquid (breastmilk or other)

Boil the water, and then add the oats, kiwi, and chia seeds. Cook until thickened. Add to your blender with the banana and liquid. Puree until very smooth. Makes 4 servings.

This week I’m making a sweet potato-ginger curry and a broccoli-parsley “soup”. I’ll let you know if they’re a hit! Happy cooking!

What does your baby love to eat? And what book did you take to heart while pregnant (or after.)

Dream vs. Reality

Mimi of Find Mimi  and I decided to do a little collaboration for Valentine’s Day. I love her outfits for this, and she looks FAB as a stylish mommy of three boys– so check her out! And follow her on the Instagram: @iheart_mimi  
 I have this dream. This dream Valentine’s evening where I slip on this magical Dress and step into a pair of killer heels and waltz my way on the arm of my husband into a downton Abbey style mansion for a mind blowingly glamourous evening. I’d lounge languidly (oh, the alliteration) at the bar, my perfectly manicured nails tapping the counter while I sipped on an exotic but still terribly classy cocktail, one leg cocked out of the skirt of my dress, Angelina Jolie style. 


After getting just the right amount of tipsy, we’d glide into a dimly lit dining room beneath sparkling chandeliers. We’d eat a slow, dazzling five course meal, each accompanied with the perfect beverage. I wouldn’t get intoxicated off of like the one sip that does it these days (it’s a dream world after all) and my husband would nonchalantly gift me a glittering bracelet covered in gems. Or like, a really great faux fur coat. Or both, because a girl can dream.

  Afterwards, we’d retire to a fabulous hotel room and soak in the hot tub and order room service and drink champagne. It would be wonderful. 


In REAL life I’ll be wearing something a little warmer and a little more casual. 

  I’ll have Redmond along for the ride too. I might wear this pink fuzzy coat to capture some of the holiday spirit… I’ll sip a margarita with my husband and eat some nachos at our favorite upscale Mexican eatery…that’s as fancy as it’ll get… And I’m ok with that.  

Also. If you like the sunglasses I’m wearing… They’re designer and I could never afford them. But with Ditto we can all live in fairy land and pretend. It’s a monthly eyewear rental service and you can get a free month with the code SIMPLYHANNAH. So if I don’t get that jeweled bracelet or a faux fur coat, at least I have sunglasses.

Red dress: lent from Madtown collection

Pink coat: Similar here

High waist jeans
Over the knee boots: sold out, similar Here

Things I’m Bad At


 Here’s the thing. You know how we are always like “No really, you’re amazing at that! You’re so good at it!” About everything? And I can get on board with loving yourself/encouraging each other/all that jazz. But there are some things that I am just downright, no excuses, bad at. And because I love myself I’m fine with it. See how I did that? Full circle, 

But first: I wore This vest on our first snow day of the winter this past Friday. It was a great day because Nick stayed home from teaching and we got to be cozy all afternoon. The snow stopped and we went for pizza and I wore this outfit and I loved it. The fact that it’s only 22 buckaroos? Also nothing to sneeze at. Get it. It’ll work for spring. It’s warm. It can go under/over a coat and keep you EXTRA WARM BECAUSE DONT WORRY, WINTER HAS COME. Ten day forecast? Lotta snow flakes. Lotta low temperatures. If someone wants to gift us an all expenses paid vaca to somewhere warm, I wouldn’t hate it. 

Anyways, on to my list.

Things I’m Bad At

1. Doing anything with my eyebrows. Waxing, plucking, filling them in…I’m so bad at it. I got them waxed once and I was like, this is great! Then I was like, 25 dollars? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Then I waxed at home and I was like, this is great. Then I was like, actually, ain’t nobody got time for that. Which brings us here.

2. Putting on make up. Some of the moms I follow on snapchat/Instagram have such perfectly done, beautiful faces. Meanwhile I’m like, what is contouring? How does one blend? I have watched a million YouTube videos to help me but two things happen. Number one, I get overwhelmed by the things I don’t have in my make up arsenal. Number two, when they’re like “this natural make up look takes only fifteen minutes to do!” I’m all, FIFTEEN MINUTES!? You guessed it. Even though I DO have time for that, ain’t nobody got time for that. 

 3. Organizing drawers/closets/cupboards. My husband is obsessed with orderly spaces. I am of the opinion that if the house looks clean on the outside, it is clean. Just don’t open a cabinet drawer because if I’m left to my own devices, you’ll be knocked down by tumbling dishware. Poor Nick is constantly having to fix my disaster areas but I think he secretly loves it, so I’m actually doing him a service. Right? 

4. Returning library books. Oh the shame. I have left my terrible track record all over the east coast. Library after library. Each time I tell myself I’m turning over a new leaf, as it were, and becoming a Responsible Member of Yet Another Library. And then a few months later I can be found sneaking my hideously overdue books into the drop box under cover of night and never returning because the shame is too great. 

There are so many more. And since they’re are also so many more ways to wear this vest-coat, I’ll be back with a sequel to this look and this list. 

 What are you Just Bad At?


Vest: Shein, c/o

Boots: Hunter

Jeans: old

Beanie: Similar here

Striped turtleneck: Similar here

Glasses: Similar here

A little TMI a little Teami

I talked a little about body image Here. Of course that really just grazed the surface of crazy… I feel as if almost every girl has at some point struggled with body insecurities. I have made it something of a hobby, and it’s a fight I have nearly every day. I’ve never had an eating disorder, though I’ve bordered on one a few times. For the past few years I’ve worked hard to stay healthy and have attempted to build a positive relationship with both my body and with food. I used to spend a lot of time looking in the mirror and saying, “I feel so fat.” My husband (and boyfriend back before he was my husband) would get frustrated with me, because clearly I was not fat, but I couldn’t see it. I felt it, even if I knew logically that I was not.  

 Over the years, I’ve tried hard to quiet those feelings of self hatred. Because what else can it be called? My body is strong, able, beautiful–because it is my own. It has run hundreds of miles over the years. It has walked down an aisle to the man of my dreams. It has traveled to countries all over the world. It has walked through beautiful parts of nature. It has swam in the freezing Atlantic waters of Maine and the balmy pacific ocean in Thailand. It has carried a baby. It has birthed that ten pound infant naturally into the world. It has kept that baby alive for six months now. These hips have become the perfect ledge for him to perch on. My arms, strong enough to throw him in the air. This body is a blessing.  

 I work hard at not viewing food as something to be controlled. I have, well, some issues with control. Whenever I feel like things are spiraling, if I’m stressed about jobs, or money, or bills, or those god awful student loans that I chip away at, my initial thought is to control food. I’ll eat less. I’ll exercise more. Because I can control that. So now, I try to view food as a joy. To the best of my ability, I don’t view foods as Good and Bad. Dessert isn’t evil. A burger won’t hurt me. I refuse to cut out foods, and steer clear of strict diet regiments because for me, those are dangerous. I eat what feels good. I pay attention. I don’t eat mindlessly. But if I want a cookie, I have one.  

 That being said, there was a lot of sugar consumed here over the holidays. I have been trying to curbe it, not cut it, for a few weeks to no avail. So when Teami blends asked if I wanted to try a detox pack, I figured it would be a good jumping point. They sent me the Skinny tea and colon cleanse 30 day detox. I’ve been sipping the skinny tea first thing in the morning and with my post-workout snack on the daily. Since I’m breastfeeding, I’m saving the colon cleanse situation for when Redmond is weaned this summer. And, along with the tea, I’m staying away from refined sugar desserts through the week. On the weekend, I’ll indulge, because I don’t like to make things off limits. For me, it isn’t mentally healthy or sustainable. But because I like my post meal treat, I’ve been putting together some healthy, super tasty alternatives like this Coconut Chia Pudding. If you guys are into it, I’ll share my recipes as I go along with this. If you want to join me in this…um…journey (?) ((I can’t with that phrase)) you can start your detox with 10% off with the code HJOY10 Here.

 This stuff is delicious topped with coconut cream and a dollop of natural peanut butter and it’s super easy.

Coconut Chia Pudding

3 cups almond-coconut milk (I use almond breeze)

1/2 cup chia seeds

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut 

1tsp vanilla extract 

2 tbs warm honey (or maple syrup if you have the $$ to get it.)

Combine the milk, coconut, chia, and vanilla. Heat the honey till it is watery (if you add it room temperature it’ll just stick at the bottom) and pour it in. I put everything in a big mason jar, screw the lid on, and shake it like crazy. Once combined, stick it in the refrigerator for at least three hours. Half way through the gelling process, I give it another good shake to loosen all the chia evenly throughout. 

Coconut clotted cream 

1/2 cup coconut (I used the full fat version, but it’s creamy throughout, as opposed to having the cream on top with the coconut water below. Next time I’ll get the top cream version though. But they were out at my grocery store. Anyway.) 

Whip with a handheld mixer or in your kitchen aid till it is frothy. Store in the fridge, and it’ll “clot” up a bit.


*thanks to Teami Blends for partnering with me. All opinions are my own.