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Month: July, 2015

Waiting for Baby+Nursery Tour

  so, it’s just about time for this baby to come out and I am beyond ready. I know I shouldn’t complain, because this pregnancy has been a breeze… But I’m going to indulge a little bit. Up until this past week I have felt amazing. I had no morning sickness, no back pain, no sleepless nights to speak of, no mood swings… But the lack of sleep is here now. I feel nauseous when I eat (which doesn’t stop me…). It’s hot and humid (which I love, but my feet were swollen yesterday) and I have carpal tunnel in my right hand which means I wake up about every 45 minutes in pain/having to pee… I guess it’s ok because I know that he WILL be here soon. It just doesn’t feel like it. I also feel so large and heavy…and like I just keep getting larger and heavier.

Anyway. Despite very little sleep last night I have lots of energy today and had a good workout and doggy walk. I did all KINDS of box jumps and squats, lunges, Zumba, and a mile run. Anything to speed this baby along! Today we are beating the heat by heading to our river to swim, because it is so steamy in New England for this super pregnant woman.

Also, along with my giant baby bump, here is a little nursery tour. 

 Nick spent hours sanding, building, and painting babies crib. It is gorgeous, but made more so because of the time and love he put into it.   

I made the ribbon mobile with soft greys and blues and some burlap thrown in for good measure. His quilt is from Little unicorn and covered in foxes and tepees. I am OBSESSED with it. 

We found his changing table at an antique store in Newburyport, and Nick painted it white to match our white and grey color scape. Nick also built the little hook shelf for his tiny clothes. The beautiful cupboard up on the wall was found at another antique shop in Dover, and all his bitty shoes are inside.

 We have been keeping the room as minimal as possible, so the fox print was the perfect finisher for the bare wall. A dear friend of ours is a graphic designer and she made it for is. Babies book collection is growing as well, and I love the simple shelf Nick put up to display them.  

 Baby will be sleeping in this bassinet for his first few weeks in our room. Minus the sheepskin which is just for show. I’ll be using that for his playmat when he’s ready. We left the daybed in his room as well for guests since we live in a two bedroom apartment. 

It has been so much fun setting up his nursery with Nick. It’s such a peaceful, soothing space and I hope baby loves it as much as we do. Also, I hope he gets here soon!!! Enjoy your weekend folks. Pray that he comes before Monday! 


Date Night Bump Style

First off, I am so excited to be doing my first blogger collaboration with two other lovely mama’s! I’m only a mama-to-be, so I am extra impressed with these ladies carving out time from their super busy lives for things like, you know, looking cute and spending time with their husbands! I hope I’ll be able to manage it all as well once I have my little man. Speaking of which, hurry it up bud! He seems overly comfortable in my belly considering he’s due tomorrow…(pregnant for life)

Anyway. Date nights are something that are super important to me. During the school year, my husband and I work A LOT, and don’t get a whole ton of time together. It becomes even more necessary then to make sure we are getting our weekly date night in, out of the house, away from distractions, just the two of us. Otherwise I turn into a Less than Charming Wife. Because I miss him which makes me crabby.

 The best thing about summer is getting to spend so much more time with him, and I treasure it! While we wait to turn our little family of two (plus dog) into three (ok Lupe, four) we have been soaking up our time with one another. We keep it casual, usually going to our favorite pizza or Mexican restaurants.  

I tend to wear something comfortable and add heels and fun hair to make it special.

 My outfit details: Dress: gap (recent); Shoes: forever 21 (old); Purse: vintage; Sunglasses: forever21 (out of stock)

Now, let me introduce you to the other moms! 


  Hi! My name is Danielle & I write mom. wife. foodie. I’m married to my best friend, living in the mitten state, raising our little dude and have another one on the way this fall! Life is pretty rad. mwf is a lifestyle blog, I post every monday, wednesday & friday (monday = mom | wednesday = wife | friday = foodie).mom.wife. foodie. is a source for inspiration on fashion, family & food. By no means am I an expert in any of these lifestyle categories; I just want to continue to spark thought to my readers as I share my words and visuals. Hope you enjoy!

much love-



I’m Loving her summery look!  

Danielle’s outfit details: dress : marshalls (similar here or here) | sandals : mintonkas : minnetonka

 Hi there – I’m Gladys. Born and raised in sunny southern California. Married to my college sweetheart, Rey, and mamá to a sweet three-year-old princess. I’m 35 and currently pregnant with our second little princess. My blog is about healthy food recipes and style tips on a budget sprinkled in with do-it-yourself projects, toddler brain development activities and our bilingual parenting adventures. It’s a one-stop shop to get a good laugh, a simple “oh I can relate to” moment, find your inner creativity or simply find a great pair of affordable shoes. A place to share mamá moments, advice and more importantly motivate one another. Let’s connect on Instagram @themotheroverload​

And I’m crazy about her classy date night look!

 Gladys’ outfit details: Dress: Forever21 in-store sales rack $20; Clutch: Charming Charlie’s Classic Green Clutch on Sale $19; Shoes: Calvin Klein Heels (old)

Thank you all for reading! Happy hump day!

Adventures on the North Shore

Nick and I lived on the north shore of Massachusetts through college (before we met) and then after as well. We met and then later started dating a year after I graduated (he finished a year before me) and he moved up to Maine, but I stayed in Salem until we got married in 2012. Needless to say, we love the north shore and have a lot of happy memories from those days. Annnnnnnnyway. Sunday was super hot and gorgeous, so after an early morning run, we packed ourselves up (including Lupe, our pup) and headed to the coast.  


First, we stopped at a flea market and browsed around. I bought a sweet pink vintage dress for just ten dollars. Can’t wait to wear it after this baby is out!   I loved all the colors of this display. 

I actually bought this pink, vintage shift dress at the same flea market years ago. I was thrilled that it fit over my ever expanding 38 week bump…and I felt like Anne of Green Gables with my straw hat. 

 We continued on to Rockport, which I’d actually never really explored. Lot was extra fun since it was all new and so gorgeous! I loved this ridiculously cute house RIGHT on the water. If anyone just wants to gift us a place like this I won’t say no…   

We stopped at a dog friendly cafe called Helmuts Strudel for coffee and, you guessed it, strudel. It was so freaking good. We got a sweet cheese one and an apricot almond one to split between the four of us (nick, myself, my dad, and my stepmom) and Lupe licked up the crumbs.  


We worked our strudel off with a long, very careful walk out to the point of this rocky…point. Lupe went swimming. I wanted to wade, but Nick was terrified to have me climb down to the shore so I didn’t do it.

 We had a late lunch at The Lobster Pool, another dog friendly establishment. I hate lobster, so stuck with clam chowder (again) and a few bites of Nicks fried calamari. My dad did steamers (ew) and step-mom did a lobster roll (her obsession.) My chowder was amazing- full of clams bits and potatoes and not too creamy–a good balance of briney broth. I loved it.   

We wrapped up the day in Newburyport with my sister and her little family and a stop at my favorite ice cream place IN THE WORLD, Graham’s. Per usual, I got their homemade birthday cake ice cream with a pretzel cone (heaven) and hot fudge because that’s what Baby R wanted to add. 

Sorry for the longest post ever with way too many pictures, but it was such a perfect day. One I’ll remember for a long time. 

Outfit details: 

Hat, sold out, similar Here

Dress: vintage 

Shoes: forever 21 (old)

Purse: c/o Consign Trilogy (find her on Instagram, she does mail order!)

Adventures in Freeport

One of my favorite things about my dads yearly visit from Thailand is being able to play tourist with him and his wife around Maine. We had a busy long weekend with them, starting in Freeport on Friday where the L.L. Bean Mecca is. I kept it comfortable in a super stretchy non-maternity dress from t.j.maxx, and converse sneakers. We were on our feet for most of the day (plus I cardio kick boxed in the morning!) so I was glad I stuck with comfy shoes.   

We ate lunch at an old tavern in town. Lobster rolls all around minus me because, gross. I had clam chowdah.


   I really wanted to eat a donut but saved space for a Maine whoopie pie instead. Because they were invented here (in Bar Harbor they say). It was the right choice. 


Gap has some killer sales, and I nabbed some cute baby clothes as well as some dresses/rompers that  will work for breast feeding. I am getting so excited to wear regular clothes again.

The bump is seriously feeling huge, even though it’s measuring exactly where it should which means baby boy must be very average sized. Now that he could basically come any day, it feels like he never will. It’s hard to conceptualize it happening, so it just feels like it won’t. You know? If that makes any sense…

Anyways. I hope you all had a great weekend! And that Monday has been kind to you. 

Boho Mama + Things Not to Say to a Very Pregnant Woman

So, I have most definitely been having a harder time feeling cute lately. At what adds up to nine months pregnant, I usually just feel gigantic. But, the other day I got my enormous belly into this gorgeous maxi dress/skirt from Triple Thread and this tank from them as well which is sooo soft, and felt slightly better.  

I feel like a lot of people don’t see extremely pregnant women often…though I don’t know why that is exactly and maybe I’m wrong… But I wonder if people just don’t know what to say to us but feel compelled to say something. For the most part, people say the sweetest things but now and then…

So here’s a roundup of things that a very pregnant woman doesn’t ever want to here. Or at least this one doesn’t. (Please note I am mostly joking and have not gotten truly upset about any of this.)

1. Wow, look at that belly!

Ok, this is a minor one but unless you insert the word “beautiful” or “adorable” into that sentence, don’t look at my belly. 

2. I guess it’s too late to say DON’T DO IT!

Yes, it is too late and why would you say that to me?

3. When are you due? Three whole weeks?? You look like you are ready to pop NOW!

Oh, thanks.

4. WOW you are pregnant. Or you’d better be.

Good thing I am or that would have been awkward. Also thank you for pointing it out, I wondered why I had this huge weight gain in my stomach. 

5. How are you feeeeeeeeeeeeeling?

I’m fine thanks, how are you? I’m pregnant, not an invalid.

These are really the worst ones to me. Generally people are so incredibly kind and supportive but it takes all kinds I guess.

What things did/do you other mama’s hate hearing when pregnant? 

Tank top and skirt c/o Triple thread co

Sunglasses : forever 21 (old)

Sandals: Target

Hospital Packin’

So, we are about two weeks out from baby boys arrival. At least we hope. Some days I feel like he will be a little early, other days I am terrified he will never emerge. I have frequent bouts of Braxton hicks, but nothing more yet. Still, we are ready to go to the hospital at any moment! I read a lot about what on earth to pack for my own and babies hospital bags and it was pretty overwhelming. And expensive. So, I tried to narrow down mine with the things that seemed essential for our comfort. I have a separate (gorgeous) diaper bag packed for him, and then my things in another so it will be easy to find our stuff. His is a lot cuter and more fun than mine (because massive maxi pads aren’t SO nice) so I’ll start with his.  

 First off, this insanely beautiful diaper bag is from Little Unicorn and I could not be more in love with it. I got it at my baby shower and have been hard pressed not to use it early but have held out.   

You  For Baby R, I have diapers, wipes, and his non toxic lotions from Ava’s non toxic skincare line which I probably won’t be using since his newborn skin will be just perfect. I packed all that stuff in one of these pretty fabric pouches, and in the other I have his tiny socks and mittens so he doesn’t scratch himself up. I’ve got a changing pad as well as a swaddle and a soft blanket. And then I packed a few outfit options… Short sleeve onesies in size NB and 0-3 months depending on his size with tiny shorts for if its hot out, as well as a long sleeve option with pants and a hat for if its chilly, since in Maine you never know.   

 For my bag, I tried to keep it simple since the hospital will provide plenty of necessities and I’m fine with poncing around in the oh-so-glamourous hospital robes. In the zip locks I have:

Mini toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, Chapstick, make up wipes, and waterproof mascara.

Granola bars (soft ones and crunchy ones), and chewing gum.

Super sexy maxi pads, nursing pads, two nursing bras, underwear I don’t mind throwing away/burning (jk), my girdle which I probably won’t be wearing right away but just in case, a cute nightie from Target that will work for nursing, two pairs of slipper socks, and a button down loose fit dress for going home. I’ll be adding my breast pump once we pick it up, some magazines/light reading, and my phone charger. 

I told Nick he was on his own, so if he packs nothing and has to run around in a hospital gown that is on him.

 I can’t wait till we get to grab and go! I am truly SO EXCITED for labor. And to lay our little bundle against my skin for the first time and think… We made this! We made this precious little human. 

Long Summer weekends

  Because of our schedules, nick and I have a lot more free time this summer than we have had in the past and it is amazing! During the school year we are so, so busy, and are lucky to get one full day a week together. But this year, we are beyond fortunate and weekends are much longer. 

I spent Thursday afternoon with my sister and my niece who is almost one. Can’t believe how FAST time goes. It seems like were just waiting (and waiting and waiting) at the hospital for her to arrive… And now we are waiting on her cousin! Her cuteness is too much to handle.   
  I wore this cut out maxi for the day with them. I bought this a few years ago at Marshalls, and I love it with this 9 month bump!  
And of course I added my Ilado Paris necklace to it. I recently did an interview with them on their site all about my pregnancy if you’re interested in checking it out!   

Friday we did laundry (always an event because we are like college students and do it at a laundromat…no washer/dryer in our apartment). We treat it like a date, and have a lot of fun together (Nick and I). Good thing Baby R has a huge wardrobe…otherwise we’d be there on the daily once he’s here…

We went for pizza after per tradition. I wore this tank top from Triple thread co to combat the humidity. It was soooo humid and I was a seriously sweaty mama to be.    
  Saturday we went to a concert in the park in Portsmouth and didn’t photograph anything because sometimes you just ain’t got time for that. 

   Sunday was above 90 degrees, so we got up super early and got donuts and breakfast sandwiches at our favorite spot in Wells.  
  Then we spent hours and hours at the beach. Maine ocean is so flipping cold but we were hot enough to spend most the day in the water. I LOVE heat, and the chilly sea kept my feet from swelling up thankfully. There were thousands of people on the enormous stretch of beach, and it was the best. Even though at the end of the day we were both sun tired and dehydrated… Worth it.  
Tonight we are seeing Princess Bride on the park, and tomorrow my dad arrives from Thailand. I’m a happy girl.

Cape Days

Last week we spent four days in Dennis port, on cape cod. We go every summer, and I and my dad before me grew up spending long hot days at family cottages. It’s a tradition that I’m so glad to bring nick into, and he is pretty happy about it too. So here is a little recap. 

We got down to the cape good and early and stopped for breakfast here. Bagel sandwich for him, fruit bowl for me.  
  First: sock tan. Hilarious. Second: searching for sea glass is a lot more fun with a partner. We found a few pieces on our long morning stroll.  
This was our view while we ate breakfast at an outdoor cafe with my grandparents. I got scrambled eggs with THE best homefries and sausage. We were full till dinner.

My bump is finally big enough for this shirt! We stopped to take a photo here on a morning coffee/muffin run solely because I loved the mint green. Nick is a trooper.

Nick loves our little cousins…if that’s what my cousins babies would be to us. They are the best and he usually spends hours playing with them all. He will be an amazing dad.

  And of course… This belly! Loved being able to get some heavily sun screened sun on the bump. Also, definitely reaching the point where barely any clothing fits, I won’t buy more (because in three weeks hopefully I won’t need it) and bikinis are by far the most comfortable option. Too bad it isn’t socially acceptable to conduct all my business in them… 

All in all it was a perfect mini vacation. We loved spending time with my family–we ate lots of good food, laughed till our bellies hurt, and got nice and tan from days spent at the beach. We took morning runs and long walks, slept with the cool ocean air blowing in our little window, and talked of bringing our baby boy with us next time, which obviously made us so giddy with the excitement. 

Luckily, we live 15 minutes from the beautiful southern Maine beaches. So we went twice last week and will for sure be there tomorrow when temperatures reach the 90s. I’ll just be sitting in the water I imagine with my gigantic belly. Enjoy your weekend!