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Month: June, 2015

These Days…

               I cannot tell a lie. I love this pup, but she is driving me craaaaazzzzzyyyyy lately. My husband works long days, so her walking/running/everything schedule tends to fall to me on weekdays due to my more lenient schedule. Which is fine. Except I think she sees me just as her exercise slave…and nothing else. Needy is an understatement. I’m sure she senses the baby coming and is anxious, and we try to put her at ease, but it is what it is. My patience is tried, and being almost 9 months pregnant doesn’t help. I love her. But I’m more than an exercise slave. Aaaaaannnnnyway.

   This top from Triple Thread Co is perfect for my ever expanding belly. It’s something totally different for me style wise, and I love that. Also, I bought these cut offs last year a few sizes too big so I could have some slouchy, boy friends shorts and I’m glad I did so I don’t have to invest now in maternity ones. I am trying to only buy things that I can wear after baby/that I can nurse in. Because now that’s what I’m thinking about… Oh how times change. 
Anyway, sorry for the rambling rant but it’s one of those daaaaaayyyyysss. 

Shirt: c/o Triple thread co

Necklace:c/o Ilado Paris

Sandals: Birkenstocks

Shorts: thrifted

Hat: tj maxx

Pregnant in Portsmouth


Living in coastal New England, we have lots of beautiful towns around us. But Portsmouth is probably our favorite. Friday was Nicks last day of teaching for the year, so as soon as he got home, we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for nachos and margaritas. Mine was non alcoholic which is REALLY losing its charm…but… It’s just five more weeks. I hope.
    This dress from Heritwine maternity was perfect for a warm and sunny afternoon. We met up with my sister and niece and walked around town for awhile after pounding our Mexican food, and I was cool and comfy in this Maxi which is saying something. Baby boy seems to have dropped and he’s feeling reeeeeaaalll heavy these days. I think it’s just about time to start wearing my belly support thing while I’m exercising… 

So happy that summer is here with all that it brings! For all you pregnant mamas out there, Heritwine Maternity is offering 20% off at checkout with the code HANNAH20. Enjoy!

Dress c/o heritwine maternity
Sunglasses : h&m (out of stock)

Bag: consign trilogy, tarrytown NY

Hamilton House in Blush Pinks

                 Monday was an exceptionally chilly, dreary day. June in Maine does that occasionally. Because, you know, don’t get used to warm temps people! Mother Nature can RIP them away at any moment. Not that I’m bitter…

Anyway, it cleared up enough in the afternoon to take a stroll through the Hamilton House Gardens which are on the grounds of a historic mansion in our town. They are so seriously gorgeous, even when you are battling hordes of Mosquitos like we were… But this gorgeous pink lace dress from Pink Blush Maternity was so perfect there, I didn’t mind. The best part about this dress is how soft it is… Even though it looks really special (perfect for a nice date night or a wedding) it is sooooooo comfortable. Win win win.
Dress, c/o pink blush and it’s on sale!
Shoes: old, forever 21

Necklace c/o Ilado Paris

Baby R’s Shower

                          Yesterday was my baby shower. Which I had basically been counting down to, since I am in major nesting mode. It was a perfect June day–warm, sunny, not too humid. We woke up early and took a woods run before doing errands for the event and cooking up a storm. My sister (who is a real cook) and I made all the food, and I put together the decorations for the pretty cafe we held it in. So many of my girlfriends and family came together for an afternoon that made me feel so truly loved. Like to the point of feeling weepy/sweaty but I think the hormones were to blame too…

This stunning convertable dress that Nuova Vita sent to me arrived just in time for the day. I truly felt like a goddess in it– it fits so well, and the color is magical, and it skimmed my bump beautifully– the obsession is real. On top of that, the dresses are handmade and the material is amazingly soft and lovely. 

Anyway. Now my fridge is filled with strawberry cake leftovers and I’m not mad about it. Plus… What is more fun that organizing baby clothes? Not much at this point.

Dress c/o nuova vita
Shoes: tj maxx

Headpiece: etsy (old)

Saturday in the Park

                 I wore this maxi dress/skirt from Triple thread on Saturday for an afternoon stroll through the park with Nick and our dog. The sun was warm, and it felt so wonderful to be with my little family. The thought that in just over seven weeks, we will be adding a tiny baby boy to our number made it even lovelier. Afterwards, we binged on Game of Thrones with my sister and ate ice cream from THE best place in Newburyport. It was crowded downtown, so my husband dropped me at the parlor while he went to find parking. I ordered three ice creams (for us and my sis) and then realized I didn’t know where he’d parked and didn’t have my phone. So there I was, a pregnant lady standing on a very busy sidewalk clutching three cones that were dripping everywhere just giggling. My husband found me covered in ice cream, but it was worth every sticky drop. 

Easy breezy with Pink Blush

               This is the second look for my collaboration with Pink Blush Maternity and I love it! It was a long, rainy, chilly week, but it warmed up enough on Friday to wear this breezy, linen dress for our date night. I felt amazing in it. So comfortable and pretty and I recieved lots of compliments on it. And Nick liked it. And it’s roomy enough that I was able to eat two slices without feeling like was going to explode. Granted, it took me 45 minutes to get through them because evading heartburn these days means tiny bites, and slow progress. Worth it! I can’t even handle how delicious. 

I listed a few other dresses I am loving from Pink blush because they have some new things! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I’m planning on taking a hike with my little family and then lounging the day away. 

My outfit: Dress

Shoes: tj maxx

Purse: vintage 

Other dresses I’m loving

1,  23

Tropical Overnight Oat Parfait


I go through phases when it comes to breakfast. I tend to find something I like, and then eat it on the daily until I switch to something else. And, since being pregnant, it’s been even more intense. Because I exercise every morning, I need something that keeps me full until my 11:00ish post work out snack. The past two weeks, it’s been this parfait. The combo of sweet fruit, tangy yogurt, chewy oats, crunchy granola, and obviously peanut butter, is divine. And healthy. And filling. Typically I make my own granola for this, but I bought Trader Joes coconut-cranberry version last week and have been loving it. 

Tropical overnight oats

2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 cup old fashioned oats

2 tbs unsweetened coconut flakes (I use bobs red mill)

10 chopped dried apricots

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp vanilla extract

Combine in a Tupperware container and pop in the fridge for at least 8 hours.

To build the parfait, layer 1/2 cup overnight oats, 1/4 cup vanilla Greek yogurt, 4 sliced strawberries, a handful of raspberries, 2 tsp natural peanut butter, and 2 tbs granola. And dig in!

32 week update 


32 weeks pregnant. 8 months along. Because, let’s be honest, pregnancy is a ten month situation give or take a few days. It’s hard to believe because I still feel like I just got pregnant, just told my husband with the excitement built up so high in me. And in 8 weeks, I’ll be holding our precious son. I hope. If he’s on time. 

I feel great still. Heartburn aside, I have no negative symptoms. I have been eating arugula salad with chicken , strawberries, apricots, apples, and fig balsamic every day for lunch. My newest obsession.

My feet don’t hurt yet, and I have no swelling. I’ve been able to keep up with all my exercise six days a week. I do have to do my burpees on a bench now, cause my belly gets in the way.

My energy is high still. I sleep well, and baby kicks throughout the day but calms down at night for which I’m grateful. He stays out of my ribs too, for which I’m grateful. 

I feel a little bit more needy lately due to the hormones, and the chilly weather hadn’t been helping. But summer is returning next week and my baby shower is in 10 days and there is so much (so very much) to be thankful for.