Black Friday Situation

While I was pregnant, Pink blush maternity was my absolute hands down favorite store for maternity clothes. They carry non maternity pieces as well, like this moody floral dress, and I love them too. I had sort of forgotten what an adjustment it is to have to find pieces that fit my postpartum curves (specifically my GIANT NURSING BOOBS). I had also forgotten how hard it is to have to always think about being able to nurse in clothing. And I want it to be easy with this second baby. I feel like with Redmond I wore fussier outfits and would wrestle my boobs out to nurse him, but I canNOT be bothered this time around.

So it’s double bonus because their regular line of women’s clothing is pretty much all nursing friendly (like the dress I’m wearing here–which is a little more booby than I usually go for BUT they’re basically impossible to control right now….#breastfeedingproblems) and they are all the perfect mix of casual and cool. Anyway. If you want some cute, easy, nursing friendly, or maternity duds, head over because they’re having a Black Friday sale and everything is 40% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY. Easy.

Dress c/o Pink blush maternity