It seems like a million years ago that we spent our weekend in Acadia, Maine. I guess it was three weeks, but time flies by, and beautiful days with my husband always seem fuzzy and far away as soon as we are back to the real world. But it was a perfect weekend- filled with relaxation and food, stunning views, long ocean walks, and gorgeous hikes. We stayed on Schoodic peninsula near winter harbor. It was a bit of a drive from Bar Harbor, but our B&B was so lovely, and the whole area was so quiet and quaint that it was totally worth the extra car time.


The colors of the sky, and leaves, and water was astounding. And there were so many pine trees that the woods smelled amazingly of christmas. I wanted to cry sometimes from the beauty and nostalgia the whole place gave me.

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We had a blast in Bar Harbor and ate mountains of delicious food. We spent a good hour building beach rock formations and explored pretty much every corner of town, stopping frequently for cocktails, beers (for him) and coffee. It was perfection. I wore my best cozy autumn outfits, and reveled in unadulterated quality time with Nick.

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We both felt pretty sad leaving on Monday, and stopped over in Freeport to lift our spirits with some shopping and some fried clams and corn chowder. I hadn’t been to the town before, and loved it. So pretty, and the day was sunny and warm and beautiful, and if our vacation hadn’t been ending I would have been blissfully happy. But alas. It’s all right though because now we are into the holiday season and it’s my favorite time if year. Until January 2. Then I just want it to be summer again.