Ain’t no Mommy got Time for That

by lovelysimply

Before I had Redmond, I didn’t know how having a child would change me. I mean, I knew things would change  but I didn’t know how I would change. Four months in, and being a mother has made me feel so much more powerful as a women. It has given me this confidence that I never had, and this clear and shining purpose–to raise him to be a good man. I hate to even think about my baby becoming a grown ass human, but I want to do everything I can to make him someone who will improve this increasingly dark world. When I hold him and look into those clear, deep blue eyes that are always watching me, I tell him this. I say, “You will be good, you will be kind, you will be fair, you will be gentle, you will be brave. I will always love you.”  

 I want to teach him generosity, love for humanity, and I know that he will learn by example. And I’m happy to be starting him young with my partnership with Dressember. There is so much more to Christmas than just getting tons of presents. I don’t want Redmond to be consumed with possessions. It’s why we don’t have a ton of toys for him now and only plan to have simple, beautiful ones as he grows. I know this may seem silly, but to us it is important. I want him to learn to give, not just be given to. Because, ain’t no mommy got time for that. 

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