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Cropped Spirits


I have been missing. Quiet on every front for a few weeks now. Maybe it’s been months. The days blend a little bit once we hit this point in the winter. I surrender my flag–always weary of the cold, but more so because of the never ending energy of a toddler, the weariness in my bones, my longing to let him (and myself) run ragged outside, barefoot and delighted. Those days will come. But by February I am always, always defeated by Winter. And March becomes the opposite of its name– not a brave, knee-up, piccolo playing, jaunty march to the finish, but a desperate crawl. Maybe an army craw to stay within the theme here, but a crawl nonetheless. I never beat winter. 5ea416b3-a511-4b8c-97ce-38abf0f54b5a-2

e96dbb20-b82d-4c61-a040-9d3b15695736-1In other news, and more important than the weather, I have been building a baby in my womb. He or she is still tiny right now. I am finishing the first trimester this week, but my body remembers vividly what to do, and my belly has expanded, pushing at the edges, regaining its old shape– the one that Redmond created. Which is why I wore these culotte jeans pretty much as soon as they arrived from NA-KD because….let’s be honest, they’re not fitting me anymore. I put them away after an afternoon outing with a promise to come back to them next year. In the spring. When I have two babies. What a wild thought. I have been eager to try the culotte denim trend and I liked it. I adore the idea of it for the warmer months with a loose Tshirt and flat sneakers. Maybe lace up sandals and a crop top. An iced coffee in hand, and a leisurely walk, pushing the stroller, through a little downtown somewhere. That sounds nice. I don’t ask for much. Sun on my shoulders would go a long way. 

I love this clothing brand–the things they carry are hip and on trend and not terribly expensive. And you can get 20% off with the code HANNAh2017 if you, like me, are in desperate need of a little pick me up. I don’t indulge in retail therapy with terrible frequency. But these days….I need a little.

Culotte jeans c/o Nakd

Protect The Skin You’re In



Get ready for some rambling folks. It does all connect back to this outfit. I promise. Because this dress is made of UPF fabric and protects your skin from the sun. Plus it is as soft as your most luxurious pajamas and it looks cute as all get out. This is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve featured on this blog. It’s from Shedo Lane and it’s only 45$. Which, as my cousin said, is basically free since by wearing it you’re actually making yourself healthier…I like her logic. And now, enter Ramble.


It seems to be a phenomenon of our society that things that aren’t good for us are always in style. Smoking (back in the day). Tanning. Being overly skinny. You know? And why is being tan beautiful? I have a lot of theories about society and skin– in our country, if you are able to be tan, it means that you are able to afford to go on vacations, spend time relaxing on the beach or at the pool–that you don’t have to WORK all the time to survive. Even if it is subconscious, that’s what it means. Its shown in those ads that say “Look like you just got back from a tropical vacation! Try our tanning beds!” Why do I need to look like I just got back from a tropical vacation? I don’t have the money for that. And I don’t need to trick people into thinking I do to procure their envy or their admiration. Is any of this making sense? What I’m saying is, I’m done. The skin that covers my body is precious. And it happens to be pretty pale. And I am ready to accept that and embrace that and protect that. Because, I really, really, really want to see my grand kids. I really do. And I exercise, and eat well, and get myself checked, and do all the things to ensure that I’ll be here for a while. And I’m going to add ‘protect my skin’ to that list.



And as far as sunscreen– I am prone to conspiracy theories when it comes to the regular brands (don’t laugh at me. I love a good conspiracy theory. And it isn’t my fault. Its my husbands.) Does anyone know of any super natural ones that work well? Drop it in the comments because I want to upgrade this year.

wrap dress c/o/white clutch  (it came with a set of make up. Love the make up, love the clutch)/ gold choker c/o (fair trade artisan jewelry), black choker, old similar here

Bohemian Mama


The Boho trend is one that I sort of ebb and flow towards. Typically, I have preferred a more 1960’s vintage feel to the boho 70’s glam that is always “in” around this time of the year. But this year, I can’t get enough of it. I still love my fit and flare dresses and my fitted waists, but I am 100% embracing the bohemian ease and color that is everywhere. I have been SUPER inspired by @lisamarieprang and her blog — she is gorgeous and has such a cool desert vibe to all her looks. And love checking out @laurenpeelman who is also a mom and always looks so cool. And wherever she lives looks warm so there is that…img_3237


Anyway, as a mom, I am loving a loose, easy dress that I can breastfeed in if I need to (although Redmond is a solid food FIEND and I haven’t nursed in public in months.), and messy, undone hair that can be pulled and manhandled and still go with my outfit. This tunic adds the perfect amount of color and warmth for these upcoming awkward spring days that are too warm for sweaters and too chilly for bare arms. I think the embroidery is so pretty, and I am fully on board with a piece of clothing that makes it so I don’t have to worry about extra accessories because I am really quite lazy.  Also, in the photo up there I am not making a cool gang symbol with my hand, I’m just getting strands of hair out of my face. Or maybe I am in a gang and you just don’t know it…img_3236img_3233

That’s really all I’ve got for today. I don’t have a fun theme for this post, because sometimes I just like to wear an outfit and take pictures of it and share it and pretend to be a FASHION BLOGGERRRRRRRR. And I feel a little like a hypocrite because, yes, right now I am wearing workout clothes. And sometimes I spend the WHOLE DAY in them. And sometimes I change out of my sweaty work out clothes, and instead of putting a real outfit on, I just put clean gym clothes on. I admit it. Also, I love “letting my face breathe” which is code for “not putting on any make up AT ALL.” Also I don’t use self tanner very often. Can you tell? But I guess the other side of all this is, when I do put a real outfit on, I like to get some photos. And there is no other side of self tanner. My legs are just white. Ok. I’m done.

Thank you everyone by the way for all the kind comments on my mothers day post. It meant the world  to me. Truly. Sunday was a perfect first mothers day for my little family and I. So much love to all of you.

Outfit details: Tunic c/o (also comes in blue), similar hat,similar slip dress for 10$, wedges, old, sunnies c/o


Family Time


I will not talk about the weather. I won’t. I will not mention that I’m bundled in a woolly sweater and fuzzy slippers right now. I will not hint at the fact that it may never be warm again. All I’ll say, is we saw sunshine recently, and we took full advantage.



I am growing so impatient to break out all the fun summer pieces that I’ve been collecting the last few months. Also that entire summer wardrobe that I didn’t wear last year due to my enormous pregnant belly. I can’t wait. I have also bought Redmond so many adorable duds and I cannot even handle how excited I am to get him in his little overalls, and shorts, and tank tops, and sit with him on the warm sand at the beach or  the park. All in due time. This past weekend, we relaxed at the park with my sister and my niece and I sipped on a latte and nibbled coffee cake, and Redmond played at our feet with stray leaves and my soon empty coffee cup. We watched my niece run around on the slides and show off her jumps, and we talked about motherhood, and work, and life, and it was wonderful. img_3217



I wore my latest off the shoulder addition from Shop Toni paired with this denim skirt that I have worn so many other times (other looks herehere, and here) and a super comfy pair of kicks. I love that you can dress down an outfit with a shoe choice, and it was perfect for juggling Redmond and walking around town in.

Right now, Redmond is sitting on the ground surrounded by all of the toys that he pulled out of his toy box, and he’s starting to get a little fussy. He has been eating solid food like a BEAST this whole week, and he’s ready for his dinner. So I’m going to keep things short, sweet, and simple. I hope that wherever you are, the sun is bright and the air is warm. I’ll be coming to visit you in like ten minutes if that is the case…

(and yes, I know that I missed a button on my skirt. These things happen. Oops.)

outfit details: Top (sold out, but similar romper styles here and also love this one)/skirt is from golden closet but similar style here/shoes/similar hat on sale/sunglasses

*Thank you to shop Toni for providing this top. All opinions are my own.