Maine Style

by lovelysimply





In typical New England style, we went straight from warm to cold in the matter of HOURS. I tell you. Hours. The day we took these photos, we were in Freeport, Maine, and it was so warm and sunny that I felt actually overheated in this fantastically nubby sweater from  Metisu. And then, by evening, I was bundled and shivering in a heavy coat. And that, my friends, is what we call Weather Whiplash. I mean…it is mildly appropriate for the Christmas spirit that we are all embracing now that Thanksgiving has come and gone (though I’m still noshing on pie). But can I just say….bundling up an almost 1.5 year old in ALL THE LAYERS so that we can get ourselves outside on days that it is NOT raining isn’t what I’d call a grand old time. When a brand makes boots that don’t make toddlers fall over and gloves that they can’t feel, let me know because I will be ALL UP IN THAT. Until then I will just record my voice saying “leave your hat on. Don’t take your mittens off. You need to wear pants. Keep your shoes on. Leave your hat alone. STOP CHEWING YOUR MITTENS OFF. You MUST wear pants. Go get your shoe. STOP TAKING YOUR SOCKS OFF THERE IS FROST ON THE GROUND.” I will play it on repeat every time we step foot into the great outdoors to save myself some effort.

While Redmond is exploring nudist colonies within driving distance that he can join, I am layering up within an inch of my life. Because, baby it’s COLD outside, and just going to get colder. I lose ALL interest in style as soon as the temperatures start plummeting because fleece leggings, fuzzy socks, no make up, and a giant sweater are literally the only thing I have time and energy for. It’s actually a problem, and if I am honest, I am a complete sham of a “style and lifestyle blogger” because my style and lifestyle is typically a level of shambles that my mother would be horrified by. I am usually washing dishes. I am always in leggings. There is always a mist of dog fur around me. Sort of like having my own wind machine but, you know, its dog fur. Floating. Attaching itself to me. Never budging.

 What I’m saying is, a week ago I got dressed. And I have been making a concerted effort to only fill my closet with sweaters because its the ONLY thing I wear. I actually looked at a long sleeved shirt the other day and laughed because who wears just a long sleeved shirt? My skin is as thin as a paper dolls and my blood is like a lizards. All the heat given to me for the past two winters from either pregnancy or breastfeeding (I swear breastfeeding made me SO warm) is gone, gone, gone. ARE YOU EXCITED BY THIS CONVERSATION? I know. I’m done talking about the weather and its subsequent effect on me.

Anyway. The sweater I’m wearing here is very cute, very warm, and I’ve worn in thrice this week. The jeans are cooler than I am, and god knows I need some edge from time to time. Also, the burgundy lip that I’m wearing here is my winter favorite for those rare, unicorn days where I put on makeup. I’ll obviously link everything below. And now I’m going to do everyone a favor and wrap this post up. We’ve all had enough of me I think. Happy Sunday. Bye.


SweaterJeans c/o Metisu (order a size up for the jeans)

Clutch and lip color (I’m wearing the b. Memorable shade) c/o Lilah beauty
Bracelet And Watch c/o The Peach Box