Falling into Pink

by lovelysimply




I have a lot of mixed feelings about Autumn. On the one hand, I love the return of hot beverages. I love being able to bake again without heating up the house. I love running in the morning with a slight chill in the air. But I am always, always, bothered by a bite of nostalgia. By a sense of sadness and longing that I can never fill. I think I actually figured out where these feelings come from– but that is all for another post. A slightly heavier post. And that post is not for today. Today, it is very hot. And it doesn’t at all feel like school is about to start.

Last Saturday, my sister and I (and Redmond) met for lunch and coffee. She was toddler free for the day, and although we had to wrangle Redmond away from devouring the entirety of that almond croissant up there, we had a generally grown up date. We strolled around her little town and ended the afternoon with mojitos for us and chocolate milk for Red at an outdoor restaurant. I wore this pink pleated dress which is currently on super sale for TEN DOLLARS. You guys….worth it. The quality is great, and its the perfect breezy, easy dress to say goodbye to summer in. img_8732



The next week or so will be full of transitions. Back to school, back to work, new schedules– the whole nine yards so to speak. I am always anxious about change, but I am also ready for it in a lot of ways. There is a comfort in the rhythm that develops in these first few months. Once the initial craziness subsides. And god knows I like a schedule. I just always fear the change before it happens. There are exciting things on our horizon. And part of me is ready to embrace it with a whole heart, and part of me is wanting to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich.

You know what makes life better? Caramel lattes. And almond croissants. Pink pleated dresses. And time with my sister.


dress c/o

hat, sold out

shoes, old

watch, c/o