The Big One

by lovelysimply



This past weekend, Redmond and his cousin celebrated their first and second birthdays (respectively.) My sister and I basically planned the entire thing about three days before it happened because I kept putting it off– the planning of it made it so very real…Redmond is a whole year old. It has been an entire year since we brought him home– since we took our first walk around the neighborhood–my two day old held close in the grey wrap that I clumsily and fearfully put on. There are so many firsts in this thing called motherhood. The first bath, the first blowout, the first tantrum (getting my share of those this week…) the first steps (his record is three right now), and of course, the first birthday. With the universal appeal of Pinterest and the ever rising pressure of Instagram, I felt mildly overwhelmed about the prospect of THE party. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and I didn’t want to spend precious summer hours working on crafts. Luckily my sister and I both did most of the work for our own weddings (with lots of help from friends and family) so we have a plethora of table cloths and bunting and general decor. So we pulled our things out of storage and gave them all a second life. Nick built a tepee, my sister made some insanely good food, and I did some serious baking. We cut some greenery from a few trees, hung up some bunting, and called it good. And it was good. A real good day. img_8021



We had some friends and some family, and Redmond reveled in the attention (I don’t know where he gets that from….). I made little personal cakes for Red and Aurelia. I figured he’d have a few nibbles and move on…Aurelia took a few dainty bites out of hers, and Redmond picked up his entire cake and ate almost the whole thing. Like a baby cake monster. img_8023


This past week has been an exercise in patience. And I have found it necessary to remind myself continuously that these days are short and that I need to treasure them. My usually content and independent boy has been constantly wanting to be held. There are times when this is nice, but to be honest, I’ve been listening to a lot of whining and crying because I just very simply cannot hold him all of the time. I know (at least I hope) that this is a phase and that it will pass, but for now, I am tired.

But when I look back on the speed with which this year has streaked by, I know that this will all seem distant in no time. I already get waves of nostalgia for last year. I mean, I get nostalgic for days that we had like a month ago. Life can get so cluttered, and I want to be able to strip away my guilt (the house isn’t clean enough, I’m not working enough, I’m eating too much ice cream, I am not patient enough) and allow myself to just sit in bed with Redmond, put on some Justin Bieber, and let him dance and snuggle and wrestle and be happy. That’s exactly what we did today when Nick got home, and it was wonderful. img_8025



To end this post, here’s a round up of things that Redmond likes lately.

The jungle gym at the playground. Cantaloupe. Thai food. Being in any body of water. The playhut at my gym (he graduated to the big kid side.) Playing ball with Lupe, our dog. Any ball ever. Walking while holding my hand. Top forty hits (especially Bieber). Wrestling with his daddy. Giving slobbery kisses, and lingering just long enough to make it mildly awkward. Pointing at everything he is curious about. Giving hugs out after he’s been naughty.

Things he doesn’t like.

Diaper changes. Getting into his car seat when he’s tired. The second nap of the day. Kale. Being put down when he’s in snuggle mode.

All in all he’s our favorite thing. And Lupe is coming around to him too. img_8026

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