Wedded Blissfully

by lovelysimply



I’m finally getting around to posting these photos from a big wedding weekend we had in Massachusetts for Nicks brother and his beautiful bride. I feel like I have been wildly behind on most things lately, and am having a hard time catching up. I still feel like I’m sort of treading water these days, and the advent of Redmond crawling and trying to walk has made that feeling even more intense. My patience feels thin sometimes, and worn. And I catch myself snapping at him, or sighing with frustration, or telling him to just stay put. And I have to remind myself that these days are fleeting. My baby is growing up.

I love weddings. I love dressing up, seeing the bride in all her glory, the food, the drinks,  the dancing. I love all of it. I love being reminded of our wedding as well– and I always feel a little more in love with my husband when we are together at these events. Our four year anniversary is coming up in three weeks, and it is is simultaneously hard to believe that it has been four whole years and that it has been ONLY four years. In so many ways, I feel like I’ve been with him forever. Like my life before him was a whole different one. Just like our life before Redmond seems hazy and far away. img_7900



These days of motherhood are beautiful and easy and difficult and messy and rewarding and exhausting and blissful. But I always feel deeply, deeply blessed to have a partner in my husband– someone who is an incredible father. Someone who makes me feel beautiful even when I am in a dirty t-shirt and an old pair of boxer shorts. Someone who makes me laugh hysterically on long car rides. A man who shares my passion for all things Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. A man who adores his son. A man who things it’s funny and charming that I give every animal ever a voice (our dog is constantly talking back.) A man who loves me deeply, purely, and entirely. I do not take this for granted. Not for one single moment do I take it for granted. img_7899


Even in these wild, new days of the entrance into toddler-hood (A post to come on Redmond turning 0ne) and the beginnings of tantrums, and the exhaustion that comes along with it, he is patient with me. And patient with Redmond. And he calms my frazzled nerves.

I meant to get a good family photo at the wedding. We are so rarely all dressed up together, and Nick looked so handsome, and Red looked so cute…but of course, we forgot to ask someone to take it, and by the time I remembered, the light was mostly gone. But we took one anyway. And even though its blurry and shadowed, I love it.img_8005

Anyway. Redmond has been keeping up a steady stream of wails upstairs as he fights his nap…so I’m going to mix myself a mojito and put on some music while I cook dinner. And I bet that eventually he will fall asleep….right? (Update. No. He did not fall asleep. I eventually rescued him from his forty five minute battle with the Nap enemy.)

outfit details: dress c/o Cuddy Studios/ clutch c/o Daylin Skye