Man Bag, Girl Bag

by lovelysimply



Nick constantly teases me because…I’m sort of a shambles of a human being when it comes to my purse. It’s like an extension of my car (which is an utter embarrassment…) and I just shove stuff in and zip it shut and hope for the best. Whenever I need to find something, I am digging around, sometimes in a minor panic, and trash is sort of flying out of it, and I look like a full on mess. Remember when I said I had lost my keys in this post? I ended up finding them in a cranny of a diaper bag…So my point is, I really love to carry a small bag when I can. I can’t lose anything inside of it because there isn’t any space to. But with a nearly one-year-old (WHAT?HOW?), I can’t downsize very often. Until last week when Nick got his own diaper backpack. A man one. A man diaper bag that is so cool looking that Nick was excited to bring it. Its from Twisted Mustard Seed’s warrior collection, and is everything a diaper bag should be with lots of space, an insulated snack box, and a nice, big changing pad. So I brought this tiny, beautiful vegan leather mini and carried just my barest essentials and it was amazing. The bag was a generous gift from Daylin Skye and is truly so lovely. Handmade, and with gorgeous detail. I love a small business run my a creative woman!img_6959



I miss Thailand basically all of the time, so last week, we decided to have an “Asian” day in Portland. We went to Bubble Maineia for cold bubble teas (it was REALLY hot that day), then stopped in at a little Asian super market for pocky and a yogurt drink for Red, and some Thai groceries to take home. Red sipped his drink and ate his strawberry pocky on the quiet little green that is pictured up there before we continued on to do some shopping. I wore a favorite two piece outfit that I found in a Thai clothing market the last time we visited my “home” country. I paired it with my new watch from Arvo–I felt like its pink band was the perfect playful touch– and a pair of comfy kicks for walking.img_6958


We had dinner at a relatively disappointing Japanese place that was clearly irritated with us for having a baby and rushed us out as fast as they could….to the point where we hadn’t even taken a bite of our ramen and the waitress asked us if she could package it up for us… “Can I get some to-go boxes for you?” “Um, no, I’m going to eat it…” So yeah. Bound to happen I guess. We just haven’t yet experienced it. To lift our spirits, we stopped in Wells for ice cream at scoop deck which is everything an ice cream joint should be. img_6961

It was a good day. Another good day. We have had a lot of them this summer. I am in the trenches of planning (last minute because OF COURSE) Redmonds one year birthday party for this weekend. His cousin is turning two, so they are having a joint party. Hopefully the first of many. I can’t believe that this time last year I was desperately hoping to go into labor. Huge with child, full of longing to hold him in my arms. And now, he’s almost walking…Time…its a crazy thing, am I right?

Anyway. That’s all I have for today. I would love to hear about some of your favorite summer things to do!

diaper bag c/o Twisted Mustard Seed/ vegan mini bag c/o Daylin Skye Designs/ pink watch c/o Arvo