Escape into Vintage

by lovelysimply


When I was younger (many moons ago…30 is looming large these days…) I wore vintage clothing almost every day. I was less concerned about a level of comfort then, and enjoyed making a statement with my petticoats and my stand-out dresses. I still have a lot of those beautiful pieces in my closet, and I’ll probably keep them forever (because, every year that I get older, they do too, and thus more precious) but I don’t wear them much any more. But every so often, I like to inject a little vintage flair into my look. I love imagining a scene with an outfit…does that make sense? A feeling. Like, this gingham skirt and off the shoulder top that I wore to Portland Maine last week made me imagine Italy. A small, pretty  town like the one I lived in for one magical semester of college. A beautiful Italian summer day. Wine at an outdoor cafe. A stroll down a hot, cobblestoned street. Window shopping in Assisi. Pastries in the Piazza del Duomo. You see? Portland is, of course, a beautiful town, and it has its own magic in the summer. But I would do nearly anything to get myself and my little family to Italy. I want to walk hand in hand with my husband through the tangled, winding streets. I want to sit in a family owned restaurant, up late for dinner, with Redmond and the other Italian families. I want it all, and preferably in an outfit like this one.



I paired my look with these lace up sandals that I have been wearing constantly lately, and this classic watch from Daniel Wellington. I don’t wear jewelry very often, and a lot of the time, I will just throw a watch on as my only accessory. This piece has blue hands on the face of the clock, and I love that playful little touch. img_6667

Also, I specifically had to crop my head out of this photo because I had just eaten ice cream and I had a chocolate mustache that my husband failed to inform me about…img_6724

I also love a good thrift store find like this yellow frock here. I found it YEARS ago, before my husband and I were even engaged…I remember wearing it on a day trip to Newburyport. Lupe was just a puppy then, and Nick and I were so young, and so giddy in love. He took a picture of me standing in this dress holding Lupe by her light blue leash. My hair was blonder, her fur was whiter, and the world was a lot simpler then. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe I was so wrapped up in trying to pay bills, working constantly, staying up late with my roommates, going to parties, learning how to be in a real relationship, that I didn’t have the time or the interest to listen to the news and know what was going on. There was a sense of carefree then that was very real, but I wouldn’t trade it for our life now. My love for Nick is deeper, wiser, but still giddy. My yearning to protect my child has made it necessary  to know what is going on in the world, and I value the knowledge. That being said, it’s nice to escape into imagination sometimes. Whether its strolling the streets of Italy in a full skirt and an off the shoulder top, or going down memory lane with the help of a little yellow dress. Sometimes, you just have to get away.img_6721img_6722

outfit #1 details: off shoulder top, gingham skirt, both vintage c/o Consign Trilogy/lace up sandals/watch c/o Daniel Wellington

outfit #2 details: Dress, vintage/ clogs c/oshop amara/diaper bag, c/o coco and kiwi– this color is sold out but I LOVE it in this teal colorheadband

**My dear friend sells these headbands at her shop in Tarytown. You can contact her and see some of the things she currently has for sale/what she’s up to by following her on instagram: @consigntrilogy