Goodbyes in Clogs

by lovelysimply


I love my little nephew photo bombing back there!


My dad and stepmom head back to Thailand today. I am always sad, but this year I am a little extra sad. The past month has been blissful– the beginning of summer– almost like a long staycation. Meals together, drinks out, day trips, weekend travels. We spent the past weekend on Cape Cod and it was wonderful, like it always is, but everything is somehow more special, more memorable with the addition of Redmond. He is nearly endlessly happy. This past weekend, he stayed up with us until 11:00. We sat around the firepit behind my Aunts cottage (the fire wouldn’t light, so we were gathered around just the pit which made everything better and more hilarious) drinking drinks, telling stories, and laughing. Redmond sat snuggled in his blanket on Nicks lap, calm, sleepy, quiet, watching everything going on, listening to the laughter, so contented to be included. Family is made more precious with each additional child and our clan is growing. There were kids running around, babies babbling, toddlers toddling and making trouble and being adorable. I felt so deeply fortunate to have this tribe of people that we get to call family.  img_5946img_5947

It seems like about five minutes ago that I was wearing this dress over my massive bump. It was five days before Redmond was born, and I remember feeling so impatient, so ready to meet my baby, so desperate to hold him in my arms. And to no longer feel like a whale. But you know its a good dress when it works for both a gigantic baby belly and for a perfectly normal non-pregnant body too. I love that its off the shoulder (of course) and that it looks equally good with flats and with heels. I’m definitely a flats girl. Mostly because I like to be comfortable, and we tend to do things that require a good amount of walking. But if I can find a pair of heels that are comfortable enough to wear for a few hours, then I am all in. I have wanted to get a pair of clogs for a while, so when I saw these ones from Shop Amara, I was psyched. They’re not too fancy and have a touch of that “cool girl” edge that I always am secretly after. And they were comfortable enough to wear for a few hours around Syracuse before changing into flats for an afternoon at the museum. I pretty much always pack a pair of flats with me if I wear heels…which is another reason I’m loving this  season of diaper bags because I always have space for extra stuff.img_5945

Anyway. I’m trying to keep my chin up and look forward to all that summer has in store for us. I know that tomorrow I will be deeply, heavily sad when I wake up and it’s just me and Redmond in the house. Nick is teaching summer school, and my dad will be gone. I know that the next few days will be hard for me because I get lonely easily. But we have friends to visit, birthdays to celebrate, and oceans to swim in. And summer has only just started.

All that being said, I wish we were also getting on a plane and heading to Thailand.

K. I’m just gonna go cry into my salad now…img_5943

Outfit Details: Dress: Asos, old but similar style here / clogs c/o shop Amara/ belt, vintage/similar bandanna/similar boater hat on SALE!