Public Displays of Narcissism

by lovelysimply



It took me forever to figure out how to spell narcissism. I actually am a very good speller, but some words evade me. Like beautiful. I still have to think “b-e-a-U-tiful” to get it. Or license. I mix the C and S up all the time. But I digress.

Here is the  thing. I freaking love this outfit. I love the print on it (reminiscent of Thai fabrics) and I love that it is a set– a shirt and shorts– because I can mix and match it AND it looks like a romper but it’s easy to pee in. The age old battle with the romper, am I right? I love that it is off the shoulder, but it’s actually sort of a strapless top with little sleeves attached. Which means that I can raise my arms above my head and I won’t get strangled by the neckline. Age old battle with the off the shoulder look. So, I can pee, AND I can raise my arms up, and I don’t know what more a girl could want.



You would think that by this point I’d be used to taking “outfit/lifestyle” pictures in public. But I’m not. I’m still so freaking awkward about it. Do you know the sheer joy that is finding a good white wall in an empty and sort of abandoned looking parking lot? Elation. If we had a “real” camera, maybe I would feel more official and I wouldn’t care that I am posing in an almost-romper on the side of a street. Because, here’s the thing. There aren’t a whole lot of “bloggers”(which, I’m not even really a blogger…lets be real) in my neck of the wood. So it isn’t like its a common sight, the posing up against a wall. Obviously my overwhelming sense of narcissism (nailed the spelling that time) wins out, because clearly there is photographic evidence of this. But I still was inwardly sweating (outwardly too, because it’s been pretty warm around here) that someone would SEE ME AND LOOK AT ME AND MAKE A COMMENT GOD FORBID. Luckily, New Englanders aren’t particularly effusive and they tend to keep it to a brusque nod or a quick “hello.” img_5563

img_5562 img_5558

Redmond, clearly, has none of these qualms, and loves the camera. He was rocking his new teepee shorts and looking adorable like he always does. Also…he took his first step today. I was in no way prepared. We were at the pool and he was standing up against a lounge chair and suddenly took his hands off of it and took a shaky little step towards the cooler. Of course. because the kid loves to eat. I was happy for him but devastated for me because I’m not ready to say goodbye to my little baby. img_5561

Also, he got guacamole and dirty rice all over his last clean shirt….I had this watch in my last post, but you might as well get used to it because it goes so well with all of my boho-esque looks. And I loved it paired with a nice stack of bracelets. Paradox clothing sent me this gorgeous outfit, and they have lots more easy, breezy, boho looks in their shop. So check them out. I love being able to support small businesses through this blog, and they are a great one!img_5417


I hope you all are having a good week, and I hope you are enjoying the summer by sipping on a nice cocktai

Wood Wrist Watch

outfit: off the shoulder set c/o/sandals/watch c/o/beaded bracelet,similar tassel bracelet,wrap bracelet c/o

Redmond’s outfit: shorts on sale! c/o/shirt, sold out/shoes on sale!