Coastal Living

by lovelysimply



There is something about New England, and coastal New England in particular, that is quintessentially summer AND winter. Around Christmas, it is magical here. If there is snow, the quaint, beautiful towns in this area are so iddylic it is almost ridiculous. But it’s the same in summer. Everything comes alive– The flowers, the leaves on the trees, the people who were hibernating for months…we all start smiling at each other, and eating outside, and taking walks in the evening, and stopping sometimes for the tiniest of chats with one another. New Englanders aren’t renowned for their warmth. But when it is warm outside, the cockles of even the chilliest of hearts is heated just enough to at least comment “beautiful weather we’re having.’ Which, for some people, is about as friendly as it gets.




When my dad visits, we have our own sort of holiday. We take lots of daytrips, and eat lots of good meals out, and drink lots of beers and cocktails. It is my favorite time of the year in so many ways. And this year, having Redmond has made it even better.

This past week, we spent an afternoon in Kennebunkport. It’s one of my favorite local towns, and Nick and I actually spent our mini honeymoon there after our wedding. We also took a day trip there with my dad last year two days before Redmond was born. So, needless to say, I really love Kennebunkport.


Of course, I used to be able to just grap my purse and run out the door. Now it takes a little bit longer to get stuff together for Red. He’s ten months old now, and I have to pack him plenty of food along with all his regular stuff (a recent post on that here) because he is an eating MACHINE. And if he is hydrated and has a full belly, he’s a pretty happy camper. I have become a little bit of a diaper bag fanatic, and I love discovering new brands that sell cute, functional options. This backpack version from Newlie is quite possibly my new favorite. It is SUPER lightweight, incredibly roomy, not over-saturated with pockets, and it looks amazing. And basically, that fits every single requirement, right?  img_5409

We took a stroll through town and hit up a French coffee shop that I had been wanting to try out. The iced coffee was incredible, and so was the chocolate peanut butter bar that we all shared. I wore my new wood watch even though I didn’t really need to be checking the time too much…but I love how chic and grown up a watch makes me feel. And this one is so unique and is a statement piece all on its own.

After our coffee, we went to an amazing Mexican restaurant for happy hour. Five dollar margaritas, nachos, stuffed jalapenos, and the most amazing outdoor deck to have it all on. There were surf boards and bright colors and umbrellas all around us, and we felt like we were on a tropical holiday for a while.


That up there is Redmond’s new “cheese” face and I think it the best.


To finish up the afternoon, we took a long, beautiful coastal walk and picked up lobster rolls to bring home for dinner. For everyone but me. I hate lobster. And almost all seafood….which makes me a really cheap date but a really bad Mainer…

In all, it was a perfect day. We’ve been having a lot of those lately, and I don’t take it for granted. I am deeply, truly grateful.


Wood Wrist Watch

outfit details: bag c/o/watch c/o/bandanna/similar hat/ shirt (old)/ similar jeans

Redmonds outfit: similar shorts/shirt available soon/moccasins