Living that Mom Life

by lovelysimply


I am a very social, busy person. I’m not a homebody, and I get pretty stir crazy if I spend a whole day around the house. When I was pregnant with Redmond, I was so worried that having a baby would turn me into a hermit, and I knew if I was living in a hermitage, I would be prone to depression. So as SOON as Red was born, I made every effort to get out. The cons of my immediate leap back into life was that I got mastitis twice (REST the lactation consultant told me. REST.) and I ended up being housebound from illness for almost an entire week within the first month…but the pros out weigh this now. I was taking Redmond on outings within his first few days of life. We brought him to visit friends, people came over to the house, we went on coffee dates, we walked outside every day. By six weeks old, I had him going to the playhut at the gym so I could work out. For me, all of these things were super important. I am prone to bouts of mild depression, and I have learned what I need over the years to stave it off. Exercise and interaction are key.

On another note, I also like clothing (did you know that?) and now that I am ten months into this mothering gig I know from experience that nothing ruins a good outing like the wrong outfit. Something that is easily dirtied, or needs to be adjusted, or is hard to nurse in is just….not gonna work.img_5199


This romper has been on MAJOR repeat since it arrived two weeks ago. I have worn it for a family day out and about, an afternoon in Portsmouth, and a graduation party. I’m 5’8 and rompers tend to be short on me, but this one is the perfect length. And with the manic weather in Maine (hot one minute, cold the next) the long sleeves have been key. It’s nursing friendly, and I feel adorable in it. It helps that I have had girls ask me where they can buy it every time I wear it…And gosh, I love a compliment. img_5200


Anyway, since Redmond has been ‘on the go’ since he arrived in this world, he loves a busy day. He’s a generally very happy baby, but he will fuss and whine and moan at me if we stick around the house for too long. He takes after his mama. We have a loose routine that we try to stick to, but he’s adaptable because it’s what he’s used to. If you are nosy like I am and want to know what a day looks like for us, here it is!

6:30 Redmond wakes up. I go into his room and nurse him for about 15 minutes, and then he goes back down. While he gets his second sleep, I clean up the kitchen, eat breakfast, have my coffee, and get into my gym clothes.

8:00 Redmond gets up (or I wake him up). I get him ready, and then we either go on a run or head to the gym. After mywork out, we usually head home or do a few errands.

10:00/11:00 Around this time I will get him down for a nap. I always nurse him (he eats solid food for breakfast or a snack either before our run or at the playhut) at this point, and he sleeps for 1-2 hours and I get AS MUCH DONE as I can. I will prep lunch and dinner, write blog posts, answer emails, get dressed, and clean up around the house like a freaking whirlwind while listening to my favorite NPR talk show because I’m pretentious like that (just kidding…)img_5208



12:30/1:30 Redmond wakes up, and if I don’t have to work, we will head out on our adventure for the day. We go on errands, or meet up with friends, or visit my sister, or explore local towns– now that the weather is warmer, our horizons are so much more open. Because being outside in New England when it is warm is incredible.

4:00/5:30 If we are still out, Redmond will typically cat nap in the car. But usually we will head home around this time and he will take a 45 minute nap after I nurse him.

6:30/7 We try to eat dinner as a family if Nick doesn’t have a game or practice late. If its a bath night, I’ll shower with Redmond after dinner.

7:30/8:00 We have family play time, and then we read books and turn off all the lights in his room. I nurse him for 15-20 minutes, and then he is down for the night and my husband and I get our alone time.img_5204


On the weekends, he spends Saturday with Nick since I’m not home. They do WHATEVER THEY FEEL LIKE and Redmond catches naps where he can. Because, Dad is really the fun one, lets be honest. And then on Sundays it tends to be a bit different too since we often take day trips on our one family day. But luckily, since he is a pretty flexible kid, he is fine with the changes as long as he has new things to see. This all works for us. I’m sure when I have a second baby, it will be wildly different and that baby will never nap or sleep or cooperate…I jest. But who knows. Hopefully I’ll still be plugging away at this blog so I can see what ends up working with baby number two…img_5202

If you don’t have a baby, I’m sorry that I just wrote in excess about our daily lives. And I hope you can just appreciate the romper. We are off to Kennebunkport this afternoon, and Redmond is exploring the idea of always standing so…today could be interesting…

Outfit details: romper c/o cuddy studios/similar sandals/bracelet c/o

Redmons outfit: I got these overalls on clearance in store at Old Navy and can’t find them online but these ones are precious/ Robeez shoes, no longer available but similar here