Millennial in Prints

by lovelysimply


First off, lets get right to this outfit before I get all wordy. I love a good print, because I feel like the bright summer colors scream coastal New England. Like I could easily stroll around Martha’s Vineyard while sipping on an iced coffee (because, of course) and people would assume I was a local. Isn’t that always the goal? To not look/feel like a tourist? All of the pieces from Cuddy Studios are vibrant and playful, and this one is super comfortable on top of being cute. Which is a must when I am spending the day with Redmond. This dress was perfect for a morning in New Hampshire with Redmond and my dad and stepmom. We walked around, stopped in at my favorite coffee shop, and had lots of good conversation.


I love chatting with my dad, and it tends to be over coffee or on long walks that we get into really good conversations. We’ve been talking about politics while he’s been here (trust me, I won’t even DABBLE in politics anywhere near this blog because that’s the last thing we need.) and it has got me thinking about being a “millennial”. And I feel like we get a pretty bad rap. The millennials are lazy. The millennials just expect handouts from their parents. The millennials aren’t politically active. The millennials are self consumed. The millennials are so busy taking pictures of themselves that they don’t have any time or interest in the world. And on and on. Right? And obviously, this blog is a collection of pictures of myself and that is sort of embarrassing. img_5082


But I see my generation so differently. First off, until I had Redmond, I worked six days a week and almost never took vacations. My husband worked ever single day until he finished his masters program. He still works six days a week on average. He is a teacher, and my skin crawls when I hear people on talk radio (or in general) say that teachers “have it made” and “should work longer hours”. My husband coaches two sports and teaches summer school. He works all of the time. And it’s not just us. Almost all of my friends work like crazy. You know why? Because we are treading water over our student debt.

Millennials are creative. We piece things together. We are not necessarily driven to work in a suit at a desk for our whole lives, but we will sure as heck start our own business in something that we are passionate about, and a lot of the time, we make it happen. I used to work at three different jobs– as a music teacher, a musical theater director, and a wedding caterer on the weekends. And during the fall, I worked for AT LEAST two theater companies. And I loved all of it. I was passionate about all of it.


Millennials love to make things beautiful. I hear a lot about how bloggers and instagram accounts make life look impossibly perfect. And I disagree. The world is a pretty ugly place. It’s a terrifying environment to bring a child into. So I’m constantly trying to see the beauty in the world. And I find so much inspiration seeing it in other peoples’. Of course life isn’t perfect. I’m fully aware of that. I have plenty of stress in my daily life. I have plenty of days that I feel like I’m drowning and will never get on top of loans/bills/work. And those days make me want to see the beauty in the world that much more. Because there is still so much of it. img_5084

Anyway. That’s all I’ve got for today. I would love to hear your thoughts as well!

outfit details: dress c/o/ bracelet stack here,here,and here c/o LMDC and Shira Melody Jewelry shoes, old

Redmonds outfit: playsuitmoccasins c/o