Days in the Sun

by lovelysimply


Last week, Redmond and I met up with a dear friend of mine for a coffee and pie date in Portsmouth. I love that we live so close to such a variety of idyllic, quintessential New England towns. Towns with ocean breezes, and colonial houses, and big, beautiful parks on the water. I love that there are so many small businesses, and amazing restaurants, and delicious bakeries. I love walking down the cobbled sidewalks holding an iced coffee and pushing Redmond in his stroller while he coos and babbles. That boy can talk. And I love doing these things with old friends the most. img_4742

I ordered a slice of raspberry pie, and promised Redmond a bite. And then by accident I ate the whole thing myself. I wore my new charm bracelet from La Maison Du Carat and it was the perfect amount of bling to accessorize my breezy summer dress. I had so much fun picking out the charms and designing this bracelet, and I’ve worn it every day since getting it. I love getting jewelry that can become part of my daily “uniform”. You know what I mean?img_4746

img_4743 img_4748


Summer is almost officially here, and I am so ready for it. I am ready for Redmond to smell like sunscreen every day. I’m ready to spend the day at the pool with all the other moms and babies at my gym. I’m ready for evening walks after dinner with my little family. I’m ready for ICE CREAM on the weekends. I’m ready for day trips, and meals outside, and for our porch garden to grow and give us tomatoes and basil for simple, fresh dinners. I’m ready for all of it. I transferred my summer clothes into my closet this past week, and just hung on to a few sweater (because, I live in Maine) and jackets to get me through the occasional chilly day. School is winding down, and everyone is itching for vacation and a few weeks of carefree living. I’m right there with them. img_4745


If you need a little treat for yourself (or a gift for someone special) and want to design a bracelet, I’ve got a discount code for you all. A pretty substantial one too– so get on it. You can get a double wrap leather band like mine (it has a magnetic clasp so it’s real easy to get on) or a single one depending on what your style is, and they have tons of charms to choose from in gold and silver. You can get 25% off with the code HANNAH25 at checkout. Have some fun! Also, I want to know what you are most excited about for the upcoming summer months. I love reading your comments! Happy almost weekend to whoever you are that is reading this little (tiny, microscopic) blog of mine.

dress/sunglasses/bracelet c/o. I designed my own, but this one is very similar.