Keeping things Tame

by lovelysimply


This past Saturday we got a beach day. Like that elusive, perfect New England beach day that only comes a few times a year. Where its warm enough to spend hours on the sand, but not so hot that you feel like you’re roasting. Where there isn’t any chilly breeze coming off the ocean, and there aren’t any pesky sand flies. When the tourists haven’t flocked in quite yet, and there is plenty of space all around you. That kind of a beach day. Granted, I only touched a toe in the ocean because Maine water is like melted ice, but still.img_4857



I wore this fantastic tankini from Rad Swim…and even though I though I wasn’t a tankini girl…I am completely obsessed. Because here is the thing. It’s super flattering. It’s fitted, the bottoms are adorable, and the pattern is so unique. On top of that, I was the only person on the beach wearing anything like it and I got A TON of compliments. And because I like attention (hello theater majors) I was thrilled about that. But…most importantly…I had no fear of flashing. Which brings me to the point of this post. I have always been…well endowed. Breastfeeding has made the girls even bigger, and I am eagerly anticipating the minimizing that will (should) occur after Redmond is finished nursing. But, even so, I have been a D+ cup for most of my adult life. This makes buying bathing suits really hard. I need support, and I need space for them. Half the time I end up with a small bottom and a large top that I have to tie in the back because I’m a slim human being…but I need coverage for the boobs. I have spent big bucks and gotten bikinis made specifically for small, busty woman– but I like to have lots of options, and I only drop that kind of dough once every few years. I’ll link a few of my favorite pricey options at the bottom though in case you’re in the market for one.img_4855


(I know Redmond looks PISSED in some of these shots. I promise he wasn’t. I just had brushed his face off since he was covered in sand and he was feeling all the feels.)


Enter the high necked bathing suit. WHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED THIS? WHERE HAS THIS STYLE BEEN? Maybe it’s just my lucky day, but I am finding high necked one pieces, tankinis, and bikinis (yes! Really!) everywhere and at a whole range of prices. My fear of boob spillage is erased. My fear of side boob, negated. My fear of Looking Like a Street Walker When Bending Over to Pick up My Baby, GONE! I was able to run around after his soccer ball without being nervous that one of my knockers would slam me in the face. I’m kidding. I mean, that has never happened. But you know? It’s the irrational fears that control us. IF the water wasn’t two million degrees below zero, I could have JUMPED RIGHT ON IN. And my top would not have been dangling around my mid drift when I popped back up out of the icy deluge. Are you hearing me? This is a game changer. I have already bought a two piece that is high necked and it looks adorable. Will I have some freaky as F tan lines? Sure. But hopefully that’ll remind me to bathe in sunscreen and lounge in the beach tent with Redmond. Also, I just slipped one out the side of my suit to nurse Redmond when it was his nap time. Like you do. img_4853img_4852img_4851

Also, Redmond is looking so grown up in these photos that it is killing me and I think I need another baby right now. He is well on his way to becoming a beach bum baby. He was eating sand like it was a delicacy…I kept saying, “he’ll realize that he doesn’t like it and he will stop eating it.” Which…he didn’t realize. Quite the opposite. A salty, crunchy snack? Um, yes please! It’s like sitting in a sea of potato chips! I don’t actually feed my infant potato chips, but after his display of sand consumption I’m betting he’d be a fan…

my suit c/o/sunglasses

Redmonds suit: bottoms,top

Loving these high necked suits:

This one is Baywatch fabulous

this one is so surfer cool and only 18$

This one comes in DD+ and I want it

Dream Bikini. The print! Highwaisted! So vintage!