Life Around Here

by lovelysimply


I have been meaning to do a “life lately” post for– oh, months now. Because if there’s one thing I bet my dad is dying to know, it’s what we’ve been up to. Because, he is of course my most loyal reader. So here you go dad! I kid. But only a little bit. I also figured I’d give some outfit details for some of my recent instagram photos. You can follow me at @simply_hannah.joyimg_4534

My sister took these for me after a wonderful afternoon in Newburyport last week. I love that photo up there, because even though Redmond is having none of it, and even though I have a weird face going on, I feel like I look a lot like my mom in that shot which always makes me happy. On this particular day, we had lunch with a friend, and then walked around a bit before settling down with my sister and niece on the wharf. The grass was green, the sun was out, and we just relaxed–utterly and completely– for an hour or so.


(Redmond’s stash of food up there? He ended up storing most of it between his legs after he smeared the avocado all over himself. Standard.)


The warm weather means eating outside. And Redmond isn’t moving too quickly yet, so he still gets to occasionally sit on the table when there’s no highchair around. Someday, when we own a house, I want a porch so bad. One big enough for a table and maybe an outdoor sofa. Because does anything taste better than a meal eaten outdoors? Like, ice cream eaten while strolling on a warm evening is somehow ONE MILLION times better than ice cream eaten in bed. Although, lets be real, I never say no to ice cream.img_4527


Summer also means that I enjoy getting dressed every day. I love summer clothing with a passion. I’m trying to ignore the looming rainy days that are forecast and just soak up what we’ve got right now. I wore this outfit to dinner last week. And we got real extravagant and even got drinks. I know. Redmond came with us and we ordered him a slice of Mediterranean pizza which he loved. He was still clutching a little piece in his hand when we left and nibbled it all the way home. img_4531


Summer babies are the best babies. He has been wearing these little rompers nonstop and I am obsessed. We had to get my brake pads fixed the other day after I had literal nightmares of careening wildly into traffic. I have these recurring dreams whenever I get stressed, but in this particular case, my brakes were grinding real bad and I was terrified. In real life they were grinding. I’m not that crazy.

We spent almost three solid hours at the repair shop waiting for it all to be finished, and Redmond was a trooper. He played with the toys that the dealership had for almost the entire time. And then, of course, when the waiting room was full of people he decided that he wanted a bit of a nurse….img_4530


We went to my cousins birthday party last weekend, and she had a whole array of little baby animals there. Redmond was a little more interested in the fence than he was in the bunnies…I’ve been having so much fun with his summer wardrobe, and those crocodile moccasins from robeez are  my new favorites. I absolutely adore Robeez because they stay on his feet, they’re comfortable, and the quality is amazing. Basically, they are just about the only brand of shoes that he wears. And cute shoes make an outfit. I am thinking about doing a little post about buying cute baby boy clothes on a budget. It’s definitely more of a challenge finding things that are stylish and unique for a boy over a girl (I love girl clothes so much!) but I have a ton of fun doing it. And Redmond wears a good amount of stuff from the girl section too because…you have to get creative!

I am so excited about this weekend. We are taking a much needed break and going to spend some real family time together. Beach tomorrow, and then a few day time activities on Sunday and Monday. We just got back from watching Nick’s team play their final game of the season. Nick is feeding Redmond his dinner while I warm up the pasta prima-vera that I made earlier in the day. After Red goes to sleep, I will run across the street and pick up our weekend dessert, and I can’t wait. These are the good days.

outfit 1: similar jeans/similar top/similar bandana/bag c/o

outfit 2: similar skirt (mine is sold out)/I can’t find this exact top for some reason but this one is similar/choker (just a piece of ribbon/heels/sunnies c/o