Polka Dots, You Got Me

by lovelysimply


Lets talk about high school. Isn’t that such a fun subject? I’m being sarcastic because I mostly cringe when I think back to my teenage self because oh my god. I was home schooled and a missionary kid (Read: Double awkward) and spent most of my childhood in over sized Pumba t-shirts and overalls (if you stick to the end, I included a little Pumba Proof). So when I came back to the States after living in Thailand at the impressionable, and wildly self-conscious age of 13, I was desperate to fit in. Through my teens, I tried so hard. I veered towards a slightly “edgier” style (oh god.) which in the long run has served me well because it deepened into just an overall love of style. But at seventeen, I was head over heels for 1950’s style. In my little suburban Massachusetts town, there wasn’t a whole lot of vintage to be found, so I did my best with what I could cobble together. I was very into polka dots and pencil skirts and faux fur stoles. Remember those ones with the big satin bow that were in for a minute? Just me?

Anyway, I was so into polka dots that for years into my adulthood, I couldn’t bring myself to wear anything in that print. Thankfully, I’ve overcome my aversion, and I’m back on the bandwagon. My love for vintage-inspired ensembles hasn’t ever really disappeared, though it ebbs and flows. Right now, I love a dress (like this one that I’m wearing) that hints at the 50’s and 60’s. I was THRILLED at the layer of tulle underneath this skirt that gives it a little extra poof. Cause I love a good poof. img_4473-1



So polka dots? Polka dots can stay. But with the ONSLAUGHT of 90’s style that is rushing in, I’d like to just put out there some trends that I really, really, really never want to revisit. Because the early 2000’s are next….

  1. Avril Lavigne style circa 2002 . I went through an ill-fated “punk” phase (har-har) that was fully influenced by this grumpy faced tiny bundle of pop-punk goodness. I indulged in low slung camo pants, and tight tshirts, with a spiky belt and a heavy handed dose of eye liner. You know what? Not cute.
  2. low rise jeans with a tight little top. Do you know whats not flattering? That. I was by no means flat-tummied as a teen. And…not that many girls look like Kiera Knightly  bopping around with her vast, exposed mid-drift. Also, low rise jeans + tight top +sitting = butt crack. Need I say more? Never again. I can get ALL UP IN a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts with a crop top. But the low rise? Just say no.
  3. the oversized newsboy cap: I’m going to find a picture of my 18 year old self just KILLING it in a gigantic newsboy cap. And by killing it I mean…Not killing it because whywhywhy. I love a good hat. But that floppy situation? I can’t. I hope that in ten years I won’t be looking back at this darling straw hat with the same animosity…Also in ten year I’ll be almost forty so THAT is terrifying and this just took a dark turn…
  4. The hot mess that was Michelle Branch style Boho. REMEMBER MICHELLE BRANCH!?! Oh my gosh I loved her and wanted every outfit in that Goodbye to You music video. So many flowing layers. So many things that I never want to wear again. Boho trend? All about it. Those jeans? Please, no.





So. To refresh. I love this dress. But the rest of my high-school favorites? Nope. Nope. Nope. Except chokers. I hate to admit it, but I love a simple choker. Just not the unfortunate (to me) resurgence of these ones cause I had like 123097 of those back in the day….

Outfit details: dress c/o / straw hat/ sandals from last year similar here

And as promised:

Pumba. Oversized, floppy newsboy cap+terrible dorm room lighting+what is that layered shirt situation=2006.


Just gonna shake that off with this adorable photo bomb by my adorable niece.