Bohemian Mama

by lovelysimply


The Boho trend is one that I sort of ebb and flow towards. Typically, I have preferred a more 1960’s vintage feel to the boho 70’s glam that is always “in” around this time of the year. But this year, I can’t get enough of it. I still love my fit and flare dresses and my fitted waists, but I am 100% embracing the bohemian ease and color that is everywhere. I have been SUPER inspired by @lisamarieprang and her blog — she is gorgeous and has such a cool desert vibe to all her looks. And love checking out @laurenpeelman who is also a mom and always looks so cool. And wherever she lives looks warm so there is that…img_3237


Anyway, as a mom, I am loving a loose, easy dress that I can breastfeed in if I need to (although Redmond is a solid food FIEND and I haven’t nursed in public in months.), and messy, undone hair that can be pulled and manhandled and still go with my outfit. This tunic adds the perfect amount of color and warmth for these upcoming awkward spring days that are too warm for sweaters and too chilly for bare arms. I think the embroidery is so pretty, and I am fully on board with a piece of clothing that makes it so I don’t have to worry about extra accessories because I am really quite lazy.  Also, in the photo up there I am not making a cool gang symbol with my hand, I’m just getting strands of hair out of my face. Or maybe I am in a gang and you just don’t know it…img_3236img_3233

That’s really all I’ve got for today. I don’t have a fun theme for this post, because sometimes I just like to wear an outfit and take pictures of it and share it and pretend to be a FASHION BLOGGERRRRRRRR. And I feel a little like a hypocrite because, yes, right now I am wearing workout clothes. And sometimes I spend the WHOLE DAY in them. And sometimes I change out of my sweaty work out clothes, and instead of putting a real outfit on, I just put clean gym clothes on. I admit it. Also, I love “letting my face breathe” which is code for “not putting on any make up AT ALL.” Also I don’t use self tanner very often. Can you tell? But I guess the other side of all this is, when I do put a real outfit on, I like to get some photos. And there is no other side of self tanner. My legs are just white. Ok. I’m done.

Thank you everyone by the way for all the kind comments on my mothers day post. It meant the world  to me. Truly. Sunday was a perfect first mothers day for my little family and I. So much love to all of you.

Outfit details: Tunic c/o (also comes in blue), similar hat,similar slip dress for 10$, wedges, old, sunnies c/o