Things that Make My Day

by lovelysimply


You know how sometimes we are like this thing happened and it ruined my WHOLE DAY! And sometimes its along the lines of– spilling your morning coffee? Or being excited for some leftovers for lunch and your roommate or partner has eaten them/taken them to work? Or you were planning on wearing a specific article of clothing and you can’t find it? Not that I relate to any of these….but, you know, just for example? Well, sometimes equally little  things can MAKE my whole day too. img_3079-1


This past week was a long,  tiring, sometimes lonely, generally chilly sort of week. The sort of week where you get to Saturday and you’re like, thank goodness. And you have to stop yourself from dwelling on  the fact that Monday is just around the corner because oh my God Hannah, live in the moment, look on the bright side! Nick is a baseball coach and a teacher, and I actually really enjoy baseball season once the weather warms up and I can start going to the  games and basking in the sun. That’s not happening quite yet though, so Redmond and I are eagerly anticipating a turn towards Summer and being able to see the man in our lives in his element. During weeks like this, little pick-me-ups are super important. So here are a few of mine.

  1. Buying a nice coffee. When you live on a budget, coffee money doesn’t grow on trees (oh, if only) and it’s a special splurge when I do get one. Yesterday, my sister treated me to an almond milk Irish cream latte at her cafe. I sipped it while we watched our babies play at the park, and chatted about life. Day Made.
  2. Compliments from strangers. On Thursday, I was feeling particularly exhausted when Nick got home. He sent me on a little solo trip to the market to pick up a fun drink for us. When the woman asked for my ID, and realized that I was almost thirty (oh mah goonness, oh mah goonness) she GASPED and said, “You look like a baby!” Day Made.
  3. Getting a package in the mail. Right? There’s nothing better. I love grocery shopping/general stuff shopping with Redmond, but clothing shopping I prefer to do online. And the anticipation of awaiting the package afterwards makes it that much better. Day Made.
  4. Dessert. Do I even need to elaborate? Making brownies right now.
  5. Lunch dates with girlfriends. I really try to make a concerted effort to see friends (and my sister, who is also my friend) throughout the week. I am an extrovert and I need that grown up social time to fill my tank. A good date with a girlfriend makes my WHOLE day, and sometimes the day after too.img_3083-1
  6. Family time. Even if its just a walk after dinner, or sitting on the porch when Nick gets home from work with Redmond playing on the floor- a good family session makes me so much happier. If it also includes a cocktail, or a stop for iced coffee, then all the better.
  7. Sun, warmth, and white clothing. Which finally has something to do with this post. Last week we had a few gorgeously warm days. I wore this breezy, flowy tunic which is a perfect transition piece for this time of year. I paired it with my favorite ripped denim jeans and a pair of low heels. Later, I switched them out for my birks so I could take a longer walk. We got iced coffee, sat in the grass, and soaked in the sunshine while it lasted. It was a beautiful afternoon. And it made my day. Later I smeared deviled egg all over myself while feeding Redmond…but I didn’t mind. That’s why we have bleach pens. And nothing beats warmth and white.


Now I want to know– What little things make your day brighter?

my top/similar jeans/birkenstocks/

Redmonds outfit: bear jumper/strawberry booties