Letting the Shoulders Breathe

by lovelysimply

Wait, did you hear? Have you seen? Off the shoulder dresses are in for spring and summer! Again! 

   I jest. You have obviously heard AND seen because they are everywhere and on everyone. Yours truly included. I have a sizable collection that I’m always eager to add to because when is enough enough? I have no idea.

It is still aggressively Spring and not Summer (which should be acceptable but I am impatient) but I’m pulling out some of my dresses and adding a denim jacket or…ok just a denim jacket. I’m not that inventive and I have a narrow collection of light coats. It feels good though, and I painted my toes so that I could wear my open toed heels to dinner this weekend. Also because I went to a Pilates class and was the only person with naked toenails…and I was so humiliated and embarrassed and I curled my toes under the balls of my feet and hid in shame. I’m kidding. I didn’t feel anything except my screaming abdominal muscles. 

Anyway. This dress is like 12 dollars and comes in tons of colors. I like it so much that I’m tempted to order another. I probably will. Also, it comes in two days with Amazon prime (because who isn’t a prime member these days?) which is basically like instant gratification. So I definitely will order another. And when my husband asks me if I REALLY needed more off the shoulder dresses I will ask him if he REALLY needs to ask me that question because, come now. The answer is obvious. 

I added my favorite heart shaped sunnies and this delicate, beautiful necklace from my fab.fit.fun Box. And then after these photos I went and stuffed pizza into my face. Into my mouth actually. I am very coordinated. 

That’s all I’ve got for today folks. We are on April break here which has been wonderful. Today–a little bit of work and meeting a Dear friends new baby girl. I can’t wait.