What’s in My Diaper Bag v. 2

by lovelysimply


Now that Redmond is eight months old (in case you missed it, I wrote an update on that here) our diaper bag situation is a little different than it was in my original Diaper Bag Post. In some ways it’s a lot easier. Things aren’t as make or break as they were when he was little. I mean, he will survive in a wet diaper until we get home without crying. I don’t need to carry around a medicated nipple balm for after his every nurse. Thank God. In some ways it’s more time consuming. Like, now if we are out and about, he will want a snack at his snack time. He may want a sip of water (or just to splash it all over himself). He will for sure be interested in a chew toy. He might like to look at a book if I’m meeting someone for coffee or lunch. Or, you know, just meeting myself. None of it is ESSENTIAL, but all of it makes life easier. I have some gorgeous diaper bags, but I also have a few big purses that I can turn into diaper bags with magic. Just kidding, I’m not a Hogwarts graduate. I use my totesavvy. The elephant bag that I am sporting in this post is my favorite spring bag. It’s unique (my dad sent it to me from India) and gorgeous… and lined with linen and has no pockets. Not ideal for a baby-mama without this insert. img_1844

This organizer is basically the inside of a super well thought out diaper bag that you can stick into any of your larger totes or bags. Its made of a washable material and has tons of roomy pockets that aren’t overwhelming (Sometimes I feel like I spend all of my time rooting around in pocket-heavy bags. Ok. Not ALL of my  time. But a lot of it). And you can fit so much in it. Here’s what I’m toting. Get it? Toting? Ok…


So obviously everything is labeled up there. I googled “how to add text to photos” to figure it because…technically savvy, I am not. (see what I did there? Savvy? Totesavvy? Are you annoyed?) But the main things I have to remember now are the diapers (duh) and that little snack corner. Redmond LOVES these lil’ Crunchies since he can hold them in his hands while we are on the go and BITE right off of them. I sort of hate that he eats them, but I can’t make them from scratch, so it is what it is. I bring a few of those in a snack case, and then usually a teething cracker too. I never want him to fill up on a snack, just stretch to his next meal, so I don’t bring “real” food unless we are going out to a restaurant. I have been making lots of granola bars from scratch (one of my recipes here) and I try to remember to bring myself a snack too so that I know what I’m eating, and I’m saving money. Redmond adores his teething beads– I put them around his neck if he is in a shopping cart or something so he can chew on them. And I just got baby sunscreen and bug spray (Babyganics) so that I don’t have to stress like I did last week when it was really warm and we were at the park and I had nothing to keep his little face from getting too much sun. He was fine. We survived. But still. Also, the ubiquitous nipple shield. Because Redmond will never be weaned from it. I have given up. And I don’t even feel mom guilt about it anymore.

And just like that, it’s all organized and stashed away in my totesavvy. It unfolds to easily pack and unpack, and there is a changing pad in the middle. I stash my nursing scarf (which, lets be honest, I usually end up using as a blanket or to wipe up Redmond’s face/spit up/water spills because that baby is INCAPABLE of public nursing.) on top so I can grab it easily.img_1840


My little family and I took a walk downtown this past Tuesday when it was slightly less cold and the sun was actually out. I wore all black so that my elephant bag would pop. And also because…even though it’s “Spring”, black on black on black seems terribly appropriate with the weather we’ve been having. But. I’m not talking about the weather. Remember? I’m not.

Anyways. What do you have to remember in your diaper bag? I’m just awfully nosey about these sorts of things, so let me know!

product details:

totesavvy/similar wallet/teething necklace/nursing scarf/similar water bottle/sunnies

*Thank you to Life in Play for providing me with this totesavvy to use. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I’m so grateful to the companies that collaborate with me!*