Throw it On

by lovelysimply


Even before having Redmond, I never liked  to spend a ton of time on getting ready. Which is probably part of the reason I’ve always loved summer more than winter and fall. It takes more time and effort to put an outfit together that will  keep me warm because I am like a lizard and am ALWAYS COLD and need to be put out on a hot rock to roast myself in the sun. This past week, we had two gloriously warm days. Sunshine and mid 70’s. The day before that FIRST glorious day, This darling white dress arrived in the mail from Shop the Mint. Perfect timing considering as I write this, it is blizzarding out and freezing cold. img_1710


Anyway, I will not complain (I will not complain) about the weather, or the fact that I am sick AGAIN, or any of it. This post is about getting ready in five minutes. Or, you know, around five minutes. Because, lets be candid, I have not actually timed myself, but I’m quick.

I am always impressed/awed by women who wear full make up and have perfectly curled hair whenever they leave the house. I watch those “make up in five minutes” youtubes, and I’m just like, that would take me an HOUR. So if you are one of those super-women, you don’t need this. But if you are more like me, and tend to veer towards a bit more of an um…simplistic approach (lets go with that)…then welcome!img_1706


First off, a hat goes a long way. That is hardly breaking fashion news, but I have a good collection of cute baseball caps, wool hats, straw ones– a whole variety. When I don’t feel like attempting to do something with my hair, the hat goes on. And it instantly makes me feel put together and sort of statement-y.

Second off, big old sunglasses (if you will be doing outdoor things. I am not suggesting that you wear them indoors. Lets leave that to Kanye.) Full disclosure– In the summertime, if we are going to an outdoor concert, or eating at a patio restaurant, or spending the afternoon exploring a little local town, I sometimes won’t wear make up at all. And no one knows because I am masked my giant sunglasses.




Third off. My go-to quick make up is as follows. I put on an oil free moisturizer because I’m prone to breakouts post baby. The one I’ve been using since having him is this one. Then I just rub an almost sheer cover-up on. It’s just enough to even out my skin tone without making me feel like I’m wearing foundation. I fill in my eyebrows a little, swipe on mascara, and if I’m feeling CRAZY I might brush a touch of bronzer on my cheekbones and temples. As for hair, I’m a firm believer in dry shampoo, and I use it religiously. I do shower every day, since I exercise five days a week and I get pretty sweaty…but I only wash my hair once or twice a week, because I hate drying it and I hate having wet hair. But seriously, if for some reason you have not been enlightened to the wonders of dry shampoo, GET ON IT. I’ll link my super affordable favorite below. I am sort of in an awkward between time with my hair. It’s grown out from the lob that I got shortly after Redmond was born, but it’s not quite long enough to do a whole lot more with than buns and ponytails. I also have all kinds of regrowth on my temples (and I already have a widows peak, so double the fun) which sticks up charmingly in all directions and is so blonde that I look bald in certain lights. So all that to say…hats are a good friend of mine.

Anyway. Reason 102 that I can’t wait for summer. The ease of a dress. And if it’s off the shoulder, than even better. I LOVE this one because its not super short, so it can be worn on the shoulder too for a different look AND it’s double lined so it’s not at all sheer. Which is huge. I’ll be wearing it a lot this summer. And once Redmond starts crawling and getting filthy, I’ll be carrying the bleach pen. No one can take my white summer dresses away!img_1703

Dress/similar hat/similar flats/Sunglasses, Karen Walker via Ditto

Not your Mamas Dry Shampoo– the best