Eight Months I’ve Kept You Safe

by lovelysimply

This darling boy. Eight months sounds so grown up for a baby. Far closer to one year than to a newborn. He is turning, daily, into a child. He has an old spirit. You can just tell. People continuously tell us that he seems older than eight months. Even though physically he’s not advanced–he seems engaged–eye contact, his response to laughter, his ability to play with you. Redmond sits wonderfully well, and rolls all over the place, but he has little interest in crawling or walking. He lifts his  arms up for me when he wants to be held. And that’s fine by me.

His eyes are a deep blue like his daddy’s, his hair as flaxen as mine was as a child, and his eyes crinkle at the corners like a true McBride (my side!). He has a sweet disposition. When I get him up in the morning, I call his name as I climb the stairs, and when I go into his room, he is all smiles, cooing and babbling at me. He wraps his little arms around my neck when I lift him from his crib, and he bounces excitedly, always so thrilled to start the day.

He loves people. And he LOVES other kids. Babies, toddlers, older children–he immediately stares at them, and then starts clapping and waving, grinning and squealing. He will let anyone hold him–unless they have a big beard and then he’s a little hesitant. He has recently discovered the piano, and he is OBSESSED! He sits on my piano bench and will bounce up and down while playing his (not very good) little tunes and loudly “singing”. As a (sort of/technically) musician, I am simultaneously unimpressed and infatuated.

He has put himself on a strict nursing schedule–four times a day and typically no more than that. It’s crazy now to think of how much time we used to spend nursing. I cherish our long final night nurse before he goes to bed at 8. Even if he does pull my hair, he is snuggly and sweet. He sleeps well–usually straight through the night–and it’s a blessing.

He loves eating solid foods. I typically only give him dinner with the occasional lunch or breakfast depending on our schedule. But his favorites include scrambled eggs with cheese, sweet potato coconut curry, broccoli-kale puree, carrot ginger soup, and tortillas. He also tried ham at Easter and he was over the moon.

img_1618He has seven teeth, babbles at home and is generally quiet and observant in public. He likes to go places, and adores being around company. He loves his babysitters, loves his auntie, loves his cousin– he is generous with his love. My love for him is overwhelming, complete, intense, and beautiful. He is everything to us– his daddy and I. I find myself trying so hard to be my best self– for him, so that he in turn can be his best self. I am chokingly proud of him.

He has gotten so much better with his naps–knockonwoodknockonwood– he’s been graciously going down for a morning nap AND an afternoon nap on a loose schedule (again, depending on our day). I am everyday excited to be with him, and the days that I have to be away from him, I count down the hours until I can hold him close to me again. I don’t want him to grow up. But I am excited to see who he will become. Redmond John Hanlon, you are beloved.

Redmonds outfit c/o Ask.and.Embla