The Week I Didn’t Get Dressed

by lovelysimply

My best friend happens to own a fantastic consignment store in Tarytown NY. I mentioned her Here if you want to see another look she provided me. She gifted me this gorgeous vintage dress last year when I was about 14 weeks pregnant, and I couldn’t zip my boobs up in it. But that was then and this is now and HURRAH I have the perfect Easter dress already in my closet (thank goodness.)  

Anyway, it has been A WEEK! I’m still battling some flu strain, and I spent Sunday-Wednesday alternately caring for my baby and husband. You know what sucks? Being sick with a sick baby. Especially when said baby also happens to be cutting THREE teeth. I haven’t put a real outfit on in days. I haven’t put make up on my face since Sunday… And I’ve had barely any human contact outside of my quarantined family for days. However. I cannot complain because despite his fever, and teeth, and runny nose, and cough, my little trooper boy has still slept through every night, and because of that I have been able to function with a semblance of normalcy. Until yesterday when HE was all better and I was still sick and he decided it would be a good day to go on nap strike. Why? Why doesn’t my baby like naps? The battle continues.   Anyway–today I feel somewhat better, the sun is out, and I have some fun weekend plans. Plus Easter is in a week and I’ll get to wear this great dress again. It actually went to the White House with its original owner 50+ years ago. Which I don’t think I can top for it but I’m sure it’s grateful to be worn again. Those sleeves. That square neckline. I die.    

All items in this post are vintage or old. Dress, c/o Consign Trilogy

Sunglasses Karen Walker via Ditto (free trial with the code SIMPLYHANNAH)

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