Being Grown-Ups

by lovelysimply

  I wore this outfit on a family date night to our favorite pizza place this past Friday. I love me a good distressed jean+slouchy sweater combo, and this pink one was literally my first purchase in seven months. It was 11 dollars, so I felt no guilt.

My husband and I haven’t been out on a solo date night yet…and I’m beginning to really want to have one. It’s not because we are afraid of leaving Red. He goes to two different places every week when I’m out of the house. It’s just that we haven’t gotten around to asking anyone to take care of him so we can get some “us” time. Because we could really use a grown up day. Redmond is a good baby, and so much fun, but I would love to go to lunch and see a movie with just Nick, and engage in some real live relaxation. Because it is hard to relax when your offspring is attempting to eat everything in sight.  

 As I’ve mentioned like one million times, the temperatures have been blessedly mild. I’ve been feeling springy– even summery– and jeans in a lighter wash, and pale pinks (pastels of EVERY HUE because eee-gads EASTER) bring that mood right on home. Technically though, its still straight up winter, which is only good because I really do love boots (like every girl ever) and the ones in this outfit are my new favorites. So comfortable despite the 3 inch heel (I wore them all day Saturday) and so chic. Also, to make them even better– maumero donates 10% from every sale to a participating charity of your choice. I have a discount code for you all at the bottom.

Anyway. I sort of thought when I got married I’d feel like a grown up. Which didn’t happen. Then I thought I’d feel like a grown up once I got pregnant. But instead I just felt even younger because I sort of have a baby face, and even though I was 28, people were perpetually telling me that I was so young to have a baby.

Then I thought once I HAD the babe in arms, I’d feel like a real full fledged adult. But half the time the fact that I’m a mom catches me by surprise. I’ll be thirty next year. I doubt that will change anything. I have moments of course when I feel terribly grown up. For example– the thought of leaving Redmond with a babysitter for a DATE day or night with my husband feels somehow very mature. I think because it wouldn’t be a necessary thing. It would be just for fun. Like my parents used to do. He always goes to other peoples homes when I have to leave him during the week, and the idea of having someone come to the house and put him to bed and eat some snacks from our fridge seems so strangely mature. Probably when we do it though, I’ll just feel like I’m play acting and thus will still not be a Grown Ass Woman. I kid. I am, of course, terribly adult. I just haven’t had that moment where I feel like Its Happened. Like I’m the same as  my parents were. Its so strange, isn’t it? I still feel like I’m in my early twenties– not cusping on my 30’s. I still get the occasional zit for gods sake. I still get nervous/awkward around teenagers (they. are. terrifying.) I still feel like I need a parent sometimes– and my dad lives roughly one billion miles away and my mom died over a decade ago. Its so bizarre to be an adult but still feels like I need an adult. Am I talking sense? Not probably.

Anyway. All that rambling aside– I truly love this little micro-corner of the internet that I have here, and I am grateful to each person who reads. Maybe I should just start posting my outfits from time to time and peacing out but probably that won’t happen. Speaking of outfits…that pretty purse? It’s a diaper bag. Yes, yes it is. Its much smaller than my other two which I love for the days when I don’t need to bring All the Things  but still want to have it organized. This one is from Coco and Kiwi and they have an amazing assortment of fun colors for spring and summer. I kept it classic and opted for this lighter tan bag.

If you love my boots, Maumero has tons of truly stunning shoes. You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SIMPLYHANNAH.

Boots, c/o/Diaper bag c/o/jeans, old Similarish here/sweater bought at outlet Similarish here/Sunglasses, c/o/hat, old, Similar here