Post Partum with Teami

by lovelysimply


First off–these are not my most professional photos. They were taken in my living room after a workout, with zero make up and wet hair (fact: sometimes I shower before I work out cause If Redmond is napping…well…it’s shower time.)and I used my tripod–but they are very real and raw so I’m ok with it.

So here we are. Seven months post Partum. It’s simultaneously insane that it’s been seven months and insane that it hasn’t been longer. Being pregnant is taking on more and more of a rosy, distant glow. Like it was another lifetime, which of course, it was.   

I gained a solid 35+ pounds while pregnant. I was generally ok with the weight gain, and I felt happy with my body immediately after giving birth. Honestly, just not having a ten pound baby inside me was great. I mentally decided that I would give myself until nine months post-Partum to get back to my normal size. Nine months to gain it, nine months to lose it. When I started the Teami detox, I had about three pounds to go. 

I exercise five to six days a week, and for the month of February I didn’t eat desserts during the week. Mostly. Obviously weekends were a free for all. And the occasional day when ice cream was just needed. BUT. Between the tea, and my normal life, I am officially back to just under my pre-baby weight. 

That being said, things have shifted. I will never have the same body I had. Which is fine by me. My hips are a little wider. My boobs bigger (I imagine that will change when I wean Redmond.) I have more of a booty (hurrah! At last!). My stomach doesn’t have quite as much tone to it. But I am happy. I feel healthy, fit, and womanly. I’m happy to be back to the weight I was, but it’s just a number.

It seems appropriate to write this up and post these very scary/vulnerable pictures the day after Womans Day, which I didn’t realize was a thing until Instagram told me so. But, it is a reminder to love each other and love ourselves as the amazing females that we are. It’s so easy to spiral into negativity (which is usually propelled by insecurity, right?) towards each other and so intensely towards ourselves. But you know what I think? I think women have had it hard enough through history. Let’s give each other a freaking break. 

Circling back to the tea, I will say that if you want to amp up your metabolism in addition to a healthy diet and exercise to drop those last few pounds, it really does seems to work. And I didn’t even use the colon cleanse tea because of breastfeeding. If you want to give it a go, you can get a discount on your order with the code HJOY10. Just keep in mind–our happiness shouldn’t revolve around a number on the scale. We should aim to be fit, strong, healthy–and that looks different for everyone. And has nothing to do with the stupid scale. 

Oh, speaking of healthy– I’ve gotten real into making homemade granola bars and quick+affordable granola. So if I get some photos today I will post those recipes on Friday! Or maybe even tomorrow if I’m feeling craaaaaazy. 

Also, more posts about my postpartum fitness and health are Here and Here if you’re interested.

Thank you to Teami for providing me with this tea. All thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own.