Getting My Mom Style On

by lovelysimply


Redmond is getting really into solid foods, and I have to say– it’s awesome. He is SUCH a distracted nurser– I can’t get him to nurse in public at all because he can’t focus on the task at hand and has to be involved in everything. If we were at a restaurant I used to have to retire to the car, and hope that he wouldn’nt get fixated on the little blinking red security light (I’m  not kidding) and would actually eat. But now, I can bring him some of his crackers and a puree, and he will happily sit in a highchair and eat his little heart out. You know what else is great about that? I have a little more freedom with my clothing choices. I still need to be able to access my boobs in a pinch, but it’s not as high priority when we are out on the town. img_0916img_0918-1

Now, I focus more on having my hair up (because he pulls it constantly) and having my hands free to carry him. I use a carrier if I’m shopping or taking a long walk, but otherwise, we just carry him everywhere.

Style-wise, I want to be comfortable (of course) but chic. This time of the year, we are all getting exhausted of winter clothing. I am longing to throw on an easy dress and flats and call it a day. But I am trying to still get enjoyment out of winter accessories– hats, boots, ect– and layers.  Aaaaaand this skirt….I wore it here and here on the blog, and I also wore it on instagram for a sort of retro look in January ( So I like it. That’t what I’m trying to say. And being on a We Have a Baby Budget means I am constantly trying to use my versatile pieces to wear in a variety of ways.


The other part of an outfit for me that amps it to that “extra” level is the perfect bag. I got a great diaper bag for my baby shower that I love– but Redmond has reached a wildly squirmy stage in his baby life, and that over the shoulder bag was constantly falling off of me and almost whacking him in the head. I started researching back-pack diaper bags and fell IN LOVE with the ones from Lily Jade. They pretty much are everything. Beautifully made, ridiculously chic, versatile, and super roomy. I. Freaking. Love. Them.img_0917

I chose the Shaylee in Black because of the backpack option, and the sleek design. It has a removable insert that you can take out and wash, and I really need to sit down and fully organize it so that I feel like less of a Shambles Mom when I am looking for Redmonds things…I am not very organized. I may actually just make my husband do it because he loves the heck out of that sort of thing.

When I was pregnant, I dreaded having a bulky quilted diaper bag– the kind that is so typically out there– or some garishly printed one. You know the sorts I’m talking about? They totally work for some people of course, just not for me. Also…this one? Real leather. And it wipes clean. Thank goodness because my car is covered in salt and it gets all over EVERYTHING. Hate it. img_0915-1

Also…I love the European School Girl vibe that a leather backpack gives an outfit. Is that a thing? I don’t know…but I’m liking it. I’m also liking that we will have a day this week in the upper 60’s. Even though its not one of my at home days, I still plan on living it up.

What are your style ampers? 


Outfit Details: Boots: Out of stock, similar here if you want to splurge/skirt/top/hat, sold out, similar in pink here/

Skirt, c/o shop golden closet/ Sunglasses Karen Walker c/o Ditto/ Diaper Bag Shaylee by Lily Jade c/o Lily Jade (all thoughts are my own.)