Things I’m Bad At pt. 2

by lovelysimply

I am terribly bad at more than just a few things. My first post is here, but it just grazes the surface. This is the second edition, and my second outfit with this gorgeous Cape-Vest situation.img_0240The weather this winter has been strikingly mild– and on this particular day in Indianapolis (I’ll be writing a little travel post soon–where we ate, what we did ect.) it was sunny, and in the low 50’s. I wore an all black look with over the knee boots (in case your eyes aren’t working and you can only read text and can’t see pictures somehow. Why do we describe our outfits? As a Wise Man/Woman would say, pictures speak louder than words, even though I love me an overabundance of words. Too bad I don’t get paid per word like good old Dickens. I’d be wealthy and out buying all the cape-vests in the world. Or just like, tons of fancy coffee and treats.) and this vest offered just enough warmth. Did you forget I was writing a sentence because of the novel I wrote within those parenthesis? I almost did too.img_0238


Anyway, on to The List.

  1. Screwing lids onto things. I guess I can chalk it up to inexcusable laziness but I am continuously not screwing lids back onto jars/bottles tight enough. On more than one dark occasion, this has led to Huge Messes…like pickle juice all over the kitchen floor…siracha dripping dismally into every refrigerator crevice…vinegar splashing down our counters and onto the rug…You know? And every time I promise myself I will Get Better. Currently there is a jar of peanut butter in our cabinet with the top not fully screwed on so…Judge for yourselves.
  2. Keeping a Clean Car. I want to have a clean car. I really do. When I got my current vehicle, I was bound and determined to keep it neat and tidy. It’s the newest, fanciest, safest car I’ve ever owned. I got my first loan to get it. For a few months I did great. Then I had a baby. Now, it is an utter disaster, just like every car I’ve had before it. Coffee cups, gum wrappers, granola bar crumbs, bits of paper, eating utensils…and to add insult to injury (or to heap humiliation atop embarrassment) there are milk droplets from all the times I’ve pumped while driving. There are milk droplets EVERYWHERE. img_0236-1img_0233
  3. Keeping track of water bottles. Every year my husband gets me a snazzy new water bottle for Christmas. Every year, I manage to lose it. Then I get a cheap one. Then I lose that as well. Then I go through a few months of carting around sad looking plastic water bottles that I keep rinsing and refilling. Then I give up and stop drinking water. Just kidding, but only a little bit. Then at some point in the year, I will inevitably clean out my car (or my husband will, once he can’t stand the state of my vehicle anymore) and I’ll find one of the lost ones hidden beneath a seat. Right where I dropped it. So far, I have not lost this years Holiday water bottle. I have left it at two locations, but its been returned to me so….I guess I’m doing pretty well. img_0239

I’m pretty good at some stuff too though, so I guess it all balances out. I have about a million more things I could add on here. Following directions. Computers. Putting away laundry (why is there always so much?) Keeping my purse/diaper bag organized. Keeping anything organized…The lists goes on. But I’m REALLY good at loving the heck out of that little baby boy up there, as well as my husband, so I think I’m in the clear.

Anyone else bad at these things?

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