I’ll Be All like Jackie O.

by lovelysimply


I really love sunglasses. But I am TERRIBLE at keeping track of them. Sometimes I’ll have like…fifteen pairs (I get them cheap as you please, don’t worry) and then I’ll lose them and suddenly have one pair…always the pair I like the least. Because, obviously. And then I have to get new ones and my husband will be all “You have millions of pairs” and I have to tell him…no. I HAD millions of pairs. Now I have one pair.



So whenever I lust after gorgeous, expensive sunglasses, it’s not even on my radar. Strict Shopping Budget aside, I would be terrified of losing them. These Karen Walker ones from Ditto are literally a dream. And they are rented. And they come in this super snazzy box that is blue and beautiful, and I keep them in there religiously when I’m not wearing them because if I lost them I would have to like…sell my spleen to pay for them. Is that a thing? I feel like I need my spleen. Or is that one of those throwaway organs? Suffice to say I ACED biology. img_0563


With this vintage jacket on and these damn fly sunnies (I talk that way, because I’m very hip) I felt like a modern Jackie O, and if you are from New England/anywhere ever than that is the best feeling. img_0569


Also while we were taking these photos, a car drove by and honked at us, and I almost died from the embarrassment. I would like to take every photo in some spot where there is NO CHANCE IN HELL of being seen by anyone, not even a curious passing animal…but since we live in the World, that is not possible and so I suck it up and continue confusing the citizens of Maine. And the wildlife of Maine.

If you want to get your OWN beyond fabulous pair of Karen Walker sunglasses (and they have so many. I will probably just keep sending mine back and asking for another pair in a different style because I am OBSESSED) for FREE, then you can sign up for a trial with the code SIMPLYHANNAH on DittoWorth it.

Thanks to Ditto for collaborating with me on this post.