I Wish, I Wish

by lovelysimply

So as mentioned Here, I’m on a pretty strict shopping budget. So strict that it’s basically non-existant… And even though I have plenty of clothing, a girl can dream. And so, since I can’t really buy any of it, but I still browse around and, you know, put stuff in my online shopping cart, I figured I’d put an Impossiblities Wishlist together. And maybe if it’s not Impossible for you, you can buy it and I’ll live vicariously.  

 This dress. It’s actually not that out of the realm of reality–it’s only 17$ (!) and I could maybe nurse in it. But until the Endless New England Winter draws to its close, I’ll have to dream of sandals, turquoise bracelets, and the perfect top knot to pair with this dress.

 IF I didn’t have gigantic milk boobs, I’d be all up in this. But if I attempted to wear this Suit, it would be a disaster of nip slips and side boob and probably milk stains. When I say probably I mean definitely milk stains.

This dress begs for warm weather, red ballet flats, and a big-ass brunch, sitting outside and eating all the treats and drinking all the mimosas. Oh, and it’s only 23$. Probably cheaper than this brunch situation I’m imagining. 

 Well This little duo would be perfect for a afternoon spent bopping around a flea market. If I had a cool 100 to drop on it. And if it was warm enough to hop around a flea market. I’d add a straw boater hat like This one and be fabulous.    

  Be still my heart. IF I didn’t have boobs. This dress I’d wear on a hot summer evening, sipping a margarita and gossiping with my girlfriends.  


This dress. Oh, that DRESS! It basically has my name written on it…the print…the full skirt…the sash in the back…the fact that I could nurse in it…oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.
No picture here because you should see them for yourself but, Basically everything from Beverly swimwear. I just want to be on a beach. Drinking fancy drinks.   

And finally, This dress. I don’t think I could pull off those amazing sandals, but the cool, sexy, comfortable vibe of this piece…I love it. Throw it on with a wrap around leather belt and a wide brim hat and LETS HIT THE SHOPPING DISCTRICT in some wonderfully warm Italian city. It’s less than 20 bucks. Buy it and head to Europe. You’re welcome. 

Sometimes I wish that I had all the money in the world to shop. But then I remember how damn lucky I am with the life I have–a precious baby, a loving husband, and so many little luxuries. Life is very sweet. 
P.s. What’s on your wish list??