Dream vs. Reality

by lovelysimply

Mimi of Find Mimi  and I decided to do a little collaboration for Valentine’s Day. I love her outfits for this, and she looks FAB as a stylish mommy of three boys– so check her out! And follow her on the Instagram: @iheart_mimi  
 I have this dream. This dream Valentine’s evening where I slip on this magical Dress and step into a pair of killer heels and waltz my way on the arm of my husband into a downton Abbey style mansion for a mind blowingly glamourous evening. I’d lounge languidly (oh, the alliteration) at the bar, my perfectly manicured nails tapping the counter while I sipped on an exotic but still terribly classy cocktail, one leg cocked out of the skirt of my dress, Angelina Jolie style. 


After getting just the right amount of tipsy, we’d glide into a dimly lit dining room beneath sparkling chandeliers. We’d eat a slow, dazzling five course meal, each accompanied with the perfect beverage. I wouldn’t get intoxicated off of like the one sip that does it these days (it’s a dream world after all) and my husband would nonchalantly gift me a glittering bracelet covered in gems. Or like, a really great faux fur coat. Or both, because a girl can dream.

  Afterwards, we’d retire to a fabulous hotel room and soak in the hot tub and order room service and drink champagne. It would be wonderful. 


In REAL life I’ll be wearing something a little warmer and a little more casual. 

  I’ll have Redmond along for the ride too. I might wear this pink fuzzy coat to capture some of the holiday spirit… I’ll sip a margarita with my husband and eat some nachos at our favorite upscale Mexican eatery…that’s as fancy as it’ll get… And I’m ok with that.  

Also. If you like the sunglasses I’m wearing… They’re designer and I could never afford them. But with Ditto we can all live in fairy land and pretend. It’s a monthly eyewear rental service and you can get a free month with the code SIMPLYHANNAH. So if I don’t get that jeweled bracelet or a faux fur coat, at least I have sunglasses.

Red dress: lent from Madtown collection

Pink coat: Similar here

High waist jeans
Over the knee boots: sold out, similar Here