Things I’m Bad At

by lovelysimply


 Here’s the thing. You know how we are always like “No really, you’re amazing at that! You’re so good at it!” About everything? And I can get on board with loving yourself/encouraging each other/all that jazz. But there are some things that I am just downright, no excuses, bad at. And because I love myself I’m fine with it. See how I did that? Full circle, 

But first: I wore This vest on our first snow day of the winter this past Friday. It was a great day because Nick stayed home from teaching and we got to be cozy all afternoon. The snow stopped and we went for pizza and I wore this outfit and I loved it. The fact that it’s only 22 buckaroos? Also nothing to sneeze at. Get it. It’ll work for spring. It’s warm. It can go under/over a coat and keep you EXTRA WARM BECAUSE DONT WORRY, WINTER HAS COME. Ten day forecast? Lotta snow flakes. Lotta low temperatures. If someone wants to gift us an all expenses paid vaca to somewhere warm, I wouldn’t hate it. 

Anyways, on to my list.

Things I’m Bad At

1. Doing anything with my eyebrows. Waxing, plucking, filling them in…I’m so bad at it. I got them waxed once and I was like, this is great! Then I was like, 25 dollars? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Then I waxed at home and I was like, this is great. Then I was like, actually, ain’t nobody got time for that. Which brings us here.

2. Putting on make up. Some of the moms I follow on snapchat/Instagram have such perfectly done, beautiful faces. Meanwhile I’m like, what is contouring? How does one blend? I have watched a million YouTube videos to help me but two things happen. Number one, I get overwhelmed by the things I don’t have in my make up arsenal. Number two, when they’re like “this natural make up look takes only fifteen minutes to do!” I’m all, FIFTEEN MINUTES!? You guessed it. Even though I DO have time for that, ain’t nobody got time for that. 

 3. Organizing drawers/closets/cupboards. My husband is obsessed with orderly spaces. I am of the opinion that if the house looks clean on the outside, it is clean. Just don’t open a cabinet drawer because if I’m left to my own devices, you’ll be knocked down by tumbling dishware. Poor Nick is constantly having to fix my disaster areas but I think he secretly loves it, so I’m actually doing him a service. Right? 

4. Returning library books. Oh the shame. I have left my terrible track record all over the east coast. Library after library. Each time I tell myself I’m turning over a new leaf, as it were, and becoming a Responsible Member of Yet Another Library. And then a few months later I can be found sneaking my hideously overdue books into the drop box under cover of night and never returning because the shame is too great. 

There are so many more. And since they’re are also so many more ways to wear this vest-coat, I’ll be back with a sequel to this look and this list. 

 What are you Just Bad At?


Vest: Shein, c/o

Boots: Hunter

Jeans: old

Beanie: Similar here

Striped turtleneck: Similar here

Glasses: Similar here