Things that Didn’t Happen

by lovelysimply

 I’m afraid of change. Like really afraid of it. Not to a crippling point but to the point where when a change has to occur, I have to basically close my eyes and jump to make it happen. Getting married? Terrifying. Joint bank account? Cue the emotional drama. Making a budget for the first time? Absolute panic. HAVING A BABY? Yeah. Basically, I said to Nick, I know we really want a baby. I’m scared but I think we need to just do it. So we just did it and luckily it worked. And the thing about me is, I’m always afraid of a bunch of things. But once I’m in the situation, I’m ok. I just have to get myself into the situation.  

So here, in no particular order, are a Bunch of Things I Was Scared of That Turned Out Fine. Catchy title, right?

1. Having to do with these photos, I was really afraid that I would grow distant from Nick with the added stress of a baby. In contrast though, I feel closer to him than I ever have before. We do more things together. We get even more excited to be home with each other and our baby. I love seeing him as a dad and he thinks I’m a great mommy. If anything, Redmond has made us even more in love.

2. I was TERRIFIED of being house bound all winter. I’m an active, social, busy person. Last year it snowed a million inches and was bitterly cold and even without a baby, I didn’t get outside much. Luckily winter this year has been mild thus far, PLUS we have all the cold weather baby gear. This carrier/car seat/stroller cover from 7 A.M. Enfant has been indispensable. I’m prone to some seasonal depression, but getting fresh air makes a huge difference. The gear is worth the investment. Baby stays warm. Mama gets her fix. Without worrying that baby is getting frostbite.

3. I was scared my clothes wouldn’t fit me after I had the baby. I love my wardrobe, and I was so nervous that I’d have to get new jeans and dresses, but the human body is amazing and I’m back in all my regular pieces. It was hard work exercising through my pregnancy, but to me, it was worth it. 

4. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed. This fear almost came to fruition…I had a rough go of it (more on that Here) for the first few months but all is well now.

  5. I worried that we’d never do anything “fun” again. Granted, it’s harder than it used to be. It takes longer to get out of the house, and we have to bring all the things…but we still do lots of fun stuff. Dinners out, lunch dates, watching sports games at pubs, visiting friends, having people over–we do it all. And we are taking our first vacation in February. Am I nervous about the plane? A little. But we will survive. I made it a priority to do something every day for the most part when Red was a newborn. Even if it was just taking a walk or grabbing a coffee, I wanted Redmond to become accustomed to being on the go. And I wanted to quickly conquer my fear of taking my infant out and about. It worked for both of us. 

6. I was nervous I’d never sleep again. Maybe we just got lucky, maybe the methods we used work, but Redmond has slept 10+ straight hours a night since he was about 10 weeks old. I may write a post on what worked for us eventually. Granted, he always fights his naps but I’m a well rested mom. For which I’m grateful. 


And that’s that. Clearly I had more fears but I can’t remember them all. These were the main ones for those long 40 weeks of being pregnant.

What changes have you been afraid of? It doesnt have to have anything to do with motherhood, just in general. And did your misgivings turn out to be unfounded? There are lots of adjustments and fears that come along with parenthood, but hopefully this little list helps some of you out! 

Happy weekend everyone.

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