Dressing Up

by lovelysimply

  There are so many problems with snow that I don’t even know where to begin! Not to be that classic/steriotypical New Englander that moans on and on about the weather, but unless I’m on a ski slope or its Christmas morning I can pass on it thanks. The italics. Necessary for the level of sarcasm I’m trying to jettison in here. Use of jettison: a byproduct of being wide awake at 5:45 today. I don’t hate the mornings (I willed myself into being a morning person over the years) but I do hate a morning that requires digging out a car in the freezing cold. Which brings me back to snow.

 While an untouched valley of it lends an idyllic quality to a photo, the untouched-ness lasts for exactly one day after a storm. That dirty soot snow up there though? Yeah, we will have that until April or May if this year is anything like last (please god no). But enough.  

This dress reminds me of a Russian princess and I feel confident that a Russian princess (back in the princess days) would not deign to complain about the snow. Also, if she saw the five inches outside she would probably throw back her delicate head to laugh and say, “Snow? You call that snow?” while frolicking in high fur boots through several feet of the stuff with her large friendly dogs.  

 I, personally, do not have high furry boots but what I DO have is a furry cat. Who can walk on snow with his snow paws. I’m very serious about that. And you know what I’ll do now that I’ve inundated you with words and weird imaginings? I’m going to go eat something. 

Russian princess out.

Send help.

Or just a large, Russian coffee.

Dress c/o Dainty Jewells

As a side note, I absolutely love the vintage quality of this dress. The fabric is stunning and it fits like a dream.