A Day of it

by lovelysimply

Last week my dearest friend came to visit me for my birthday. She moved to Tarrytown a few years ago to open her own Vintage shop, and though I’m incredibly proud of her, I miss her daily. We were roommates for years and pretty much always lived within half hour driving distance of each other. We used to be gym buddies and karaoke partners, so whenever she visits we do both. 


For my birthday, I wanted to have lunch out, get cake at my favorite French bakery in Portsmouth ( Here ) and stroll around popping into shops. We did all those things, and if Redmond looks exhausted in these photos it’s because he was refusing to shut his eyes in case he missed anything. He finally nodded off in his carrier right before we headed home. Of course. 

I bought a few little goodies at Serendipity as well as flourless chocolate cake, French apple crisp, and a chocolate peanut butter bar for our dessert night. I stuck them in that adorable tote so I’d have hands free to snuggle my boy.

 It was a perfect day. Right now, my little  one and I are recovering from a stomach bug that’s been sweeping through schools. I’m feeling a lot better today, though I can tell Redmond is still under the weather. He’s so brave and so sweet and all day yesterday when I was vomiting and miserable, he either played quietly or cuddled me. He could tell I didn’t feel well and I could tell he was worried about it. I don’t know how, but I love him more everyday. Just when I think I couldn’t be crazier about him, he gets even more precious. Bah. I love being a mom. 

Tote bag c/o North Detail

Water bottle c/o North Detail Booties

Baby sling c/o Joho baby
Coat c/o Noize Original (the Kennedy)