Embrace the Noize

by lovelysimply


Or perhaps more to the point… Embrace the cold. In a Noize Original parka. 

Sometimes New England does this crafty little thing where it tricks you into believing that maybe winter just won’t come. Christmas Eve was 70 degrees for goodness sake, and I’m always willing to suspend my disbelief and tell myself, maybe we will just cruise through winter–no snow, no ice, just crisp mornings. 


As you can see, that totally didn’t happen. Further proof…the fact that I’m writing this with messy-dirty hair, in my milk stained flannel pajamas, while nursing my kiwi-juice stained baby in HIS milk stained flannel pajamas. How is this state of things related to winter you may ask? Well, when it’s cold, I have a hard time getting up before 7, and since Redmond sleeps till 7:30, everything gets a sluggish start. You know what is a lot better than taking an early morning run in the cold? Not taking an early morning run in the cold. Or basically anything else ever. But my dog smells like stink-dog and needs exercise and I know that fresh air (even cold fresh air) is good for the soul. So I’m trying to motivate. I really am. 

But when I’m not dreading a frigid 3 mile jog, I’m not quite so down in the mouth about winter time. At least this year. Because I’ve started collecting really warm coats. I used to have a charming assortment of peacoats and faux fur jackets…you know…things to look cute in while freezing my buns off. Now, I try to live by the mantra, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” I have three coats now that are stuffed with down and keep the chill at bay. This parka is probably the warmest in my collection. It keeps all the wind out, and I love how chic it is. Because I want to be warm but I don’t have a particular desire to look like a marshmallow OR the Michelin tire guy. Redmond has no such qualms however, and is happy to look like both.  

 And with that being said I’m going to pull on my fleece lined running leggings, two fleece running tops, warm socks, sneakers, headband, gloves–then I’m going to bundle my baby in his hat, bear suit, blanket, and if I have any energy left we will get some exercise…

Coat c/o Noize original