Post Baby Fitness Update

by lovelysimply

So, we are four months postpartum over here folks! It’s hard to believe on the one hand, but on the other, I feel as if life has taken on a new, lovely normalcy. I really need a schedule and a pattern to my days to feel grounded, and being able to get into one with my fitness regiment has made a huge difference for me emotionally since the birth of Redmond.

I had to ease myself back into high impact exercising due to my two bouts with mastitis in the beginning. Now that everything has balanced out in the breast feeding category, I’m back to normal. 

I run outside (weather permitting) 2-3 times a week with our dog and Redmond in his jogger. I absolutely love my gym, and used to go four days a week, but since we have to pay for childcare there, I’ve had to downsized that to two or three times. So that means more running and the occasional hike which suits our pup just fine. I try to run at least three miles, and although I’m still slower than I was (the jogger definitely keeps my pace lower) I’m cutting time off my mile every week and I’m happy with that.

I love (love love love) cardio, so I never miss my kickboxing class and my High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) class at my gym. Redmond enjoys the playhut, and I get to have some grown up time. On “at home “days, I try to incorporate some of the exercises we do in HIIT into our little routine. I’ll do planks, squats, mountain climbers, floor jacks– basically whatever I can do with my baby. It ends up being fun and interactive for him, and since he weights almost eighteen pounds, it’s a good arm workout for me! 

My biggest tips for getting back into fighting shape post baby would be…

1. Just do it. At the beginning when I couldn’t do high impact, I walked every single day for at least 45 minutes. I also went to my classes and just subbed in low impact options. Half the battle is getting into a rhythm and routine where exercise is incorporated and for me, even when I couldn’t go all out, just having something in there made it easy to transition.

2. Get a new sports bra. My old ones don’t come close to fitting my gigantic milk breasts. These boobs are so heavy and need good support. I also had such sore, blistered nipples for more than two months, so I needed to make sure my breasts stayed steady while still not being too constricted to avoid getting blocked milk ducts. This sports bra did the trick for me.

3. Cut yourself some slack. I used to religiously work out six days a week. Now, I’m happy with five. And some days my “workout” ends up being whatever I have time for–quick mile run maybe, and a few planks. And that’s fine. Sometimes my baby is sick, or I am super tired, or the weather is gross, and it just makes sense to stay home and snuggle. And that’s fine too. It also took me 3 solid months to get back to accomplishing what I was doing before my baby in class. I was so frustrated with myself for a while until I remembered…I just birthed a human. And I’m feeding that human off my body, so cool it.

4. Keep snacks handy for afterwards. Exercising and nursing are a hungry combo. I keep fruit and good granola bars handy for when I’m finished and baby is hungry and mama is ravenous.

5. Step away from the scale. For a while, I was weighing myself once a week to keep tabs on things. But now, I am only checking in about once a month. I’m about five pounds from my pre-baby weight, but I’m focusing more on how I feel than the numbers . I fit into my old clothes and jeans, and I feel good. I want to be healthy and strong with plenty of milk for my baby. So I’m not worrying about those last few pounds until he is weaned which won’t be for a while. 

6.Wear work out clothes cute enough to stay in a while. I tend to run my errands after the gym, so I try to wear things that are cute and flattering. Lately, I’ve been loving these Pants from biffitgear. So comfy, so cute. Perfect for lounging and snuggles after we are done with our sweat session. 
Pants c/o biffitgear 
Top c/o biffitgear