Dresses for Dressember

by lovelysimply


A few months ago, I was contacted about being an ambassador for Dressember. You can read all about it (and watch some great videos) on their website. However, in short form, it is an organization that raises money and awareness against the exploitation  and enslavement of woman all over this world that seems to hold so much darkness. I grew up in thailand, and prostitution and trafficking are pretty (heartbreakingly) common. But it’s a problem here in our own country too which is so staggeringly tragic. 

 As an ambassador, I will be posting only outfits incorporating a dress or a skirt for this whole month. It’s a good season for giving, and you can donate along with me to this cause Here. Honestly, every penny counts.  

So, I Kickstarted my month of dresses with this garnet maxi from Shabby Apple. May this be a month of giving, kindness, love, and thanksgiving.

Boots: sold out 

Dress: c/o Shabby Apple ( the Garnet color seems to be sold out so that link is to the striped version)

Reds vest: old navy