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Month: November, 2015

Days Like These

The days fly by. Thanksgiving is almost here. Redmond is three months old. It feels like moments ago that I was large bellied with him, and the heat was heavy all over New England. How is Christmas next month? The days are short now. We walked on the beach this past week on a warm autumn afternoon, and the sun was setting gloriously, beautifully, but at 4:00.  

 In the evenings, Nick puts Redmond to sleep after his last nurse. I listen on the monitor to this man that I love pray a little prayer with this child I adore. He tells our son how much he loves him, how special he is, and my heart just about overflows. Every night, I am excited for the morning to come so I can see my boys smile and hear his laugh. I don’t want this time to end. I want the days to slow down. 

I’ve never known a happiness like this or such an overwhelming sense of contentment. That this is what I’m supposed to be doing. That there is a purpose to the hours of my day. The feelings of loneliness that I often struggle with are quelled by my sons big blue eyes that look at me with absolute trust, with complete and total love. I want these days to stay with me. I want time to slow itself, just for us, if it would. 



One skirt?

So here is the thing. We have a baby. I love shopping. Babies are expensive. And I still want to be able to take a vacation. But I love shopping. See the quandary here?

The thing about blogging/Instagram style posts is you’re “not supposed” to wear the same thing twice. Well, I have to cut back on buying clothes, and sometimes I wear the same thing over and over again! 

I think we all do. Unless you are lucky enough to have a massive walkin closet and you chose to major in something other than theatre at a private college. No one warned me that huge loans plus generally useless but very fun major do not an easy life make… So I’m planning something new. A challenge for me, and hopefully an interesting read for you… I’m going to attempt to style and photograph each item I feature three ways.  


So this is look one with this denim Skirt . I wore it to lunch with my husband on his birthday. And I scarfed down an almond croissant at Lils cafe in kittery. All I have to say is… They are addicting and if you ever are in kittery you neeeeeeeed to go and get one.  

I have a sweet tooth. And by tooth I mean my whole mouth because…it’s a problem. Except it’s not really, and as far as I’m concerned, a treat a day keeps me healthy and happy. Moderation folks. It’s what life is made of. Or something. I’m rambling because it took an hour to get my boy down for his nap…which mostly meant an hour of listening to him shout (not cry, just shout because that’s his style) while I cooked and washed dishes and went in every fifteen minutes to talk to him about his behavior/change him/retuck him in…The feeling of success when he finally fell asleep? Worth it.  


Turtleneck: old

Otk boots: target (last year)

Diaper bag: Little unicorn

Skirt: c/o Golden closet