Jump on it

by lovelysimply


Thanksgiving was warm– the day after was balmy. Today there is a frost on the leaves and our house is looking like Christmas. 

On Turkey Day I wore this gorgeous Jumpsuit dressed up with a belt and some heeled boots. We celebrated at my grammy’s house and Redmond wanted to eat pretty frequently… I think he’s having ANOTHER growth spurt. Thankfully this jumpsuit has hidden side zippers and access is super easy, so I could nurse at the dinner table. We started him last night on his first real meal. Mashed carrots from the turkey stew I made. He was literally FREAKING OUT with excitement. He only managed to consume a little, but boy did he have fun doing it.   

 I am already feeling sad that Redmond will be four months old in six days. I can’t believe how blindingly fast his little babyhood is rushing by. Every day is truly more wonderful than the last, even amidst all the challenges of motherhood. I’ve never known such love and happiness. 

Jumpsuit c/o Loyal Hana