Holiday Mood

by lovelysimply

 I can’t believe that we are IN the holiday season. It seems like school just started, like I was just dipping my enormous pregnant belly into the river near us during the scorching days leading up to Redmonds birth. Now I’m starting to think about gifts, filling our house with baked goods, and putting together outfits for Christmas parties. Honestly, the hardest thing about dressing post-baby is constantly having to think about something I can nurse in or pump in with a semblance of modesty and comfort. Redmond comes with us to most events, and I’ll often plan an outfit and then realize that I won’t be able to easily feed him, and then I have to rethink it all. Because I just don’t want to be juggling boob, beverage, and baby with a fussy neckline.You feel me? So, needless to say, this Royal blue Jumpsuit is a lifesaver. Or party saver.  


With its hidden zipper, it couldn’t be easier to whip out the goods and feed my hungry little bear. And it feels like I’m wearing pajamas and there are pockets. I styled this jumpsuit with heels and gold jewelry and a red lip for a holiday look. But I also wore it to church on Sunday dressed down. 

This is honestly probably the most luxurious item I’ve ever owned. The fabric is gorgeous, the fit is that perfect chic looseness that’s so hard to find. So the fact that EVERYTHING IS 50% off for Black Friday weekend is a BIG deal. Get on it! Believe me, I’ll be wearing this tomorrow to see the hunger games. Looking cute AND containing my post pie and turkey belly? Yes please. 

Jumpsuit c/o Kin Wolfe