by lovelysimply

 First off… This Shirt. I love it. I should probably put it in my thankful list since I wore it three days in a row and had to stop myself from wearing it again yesterday. It’s warm. It’s soft. It’s cute. And there are two hidden zippers so you can ZIP OUT YOUR BOOBS to nurse. I can’t even. I love it. 

 My Thankful List this year is going to get down to the basics. I mean, I am thankful for friends and family and house and home because, obviously. But there is also a whole lot of little everyday kinds of things that remind me how damn lucky I am. You know?   


so. In the order in which they come to mind.
1. I’m so thankful for how well Redmond sleeps. I always think that God won’t give you what you can’t handle, and I am a nauseous, weepy ogre when I don’t get enough sleep. Redmond sleeps eleven hours a night (with a 6:30 nurse) and I am THANKFUL.

2. Heat it my car. The past two winters in my old car, the heat  barely worked and it was freezing. Now my car is so warm and it makes a huge difference emotionally.

3. Flannel sheets. Because oh my gosh, so cozy.

4. Pandora and its Christmas station. I love playing it. All the time. It just puts me in that holiday mood, folks.

5. Coffee in the morning. With cinnamon. You all know my love for that shizzle.

6. Sunday snuggles with my little family. We do it every week. In our flannel sheets. With morning coffee. And Christmas pandora. Just kidding, Nick would never allow my obsessive carol listening into bed with us all. 

7. My sister and how much she helps me with Redmond and my sanity when I feel out of my depth.

8. Treats. Just any and all treats but especially chocolate one. 

9. The gym. And my classes there. And the friends I’ve made. It’s nice to drop Red off and have some grown up sweat time, and those endorphins people, they’re no joke.

10. And ok fine. My baby. My perfect, adorable baby. And my handsome, wonderful husband. Call me basic but I’m really gosh darn glad about them.  

Faux leather pants, old

Boots, old 

Shirt, c/o Loyal Hana

Redmonds hat: old navy 

Redmonds moccasins c/o  Peach plum pair