A Mini Getaway

by lovelysimply

This past weekend already seems like ages ago. Some weeks fly by. Some weeks crawl. This week is of the crawling variety but I’m ok with it. Redmond grows with such determination that I’m glad for things to feel slow sometimes. 

This past weekend we drove to Jackson NH for my uncles wedding. It was so cold, and so beautiful, and all things New England. On the drive we passed such lovely sights, the mountains, the lakes, rolling farmland, and I kept saying how lucky we are to live somewhere so consistently stunning. Also consistently cold but what can you do? 

We stayed at the Wildcat Inn and Tavern and after we dropped our bags in our room, we headed to the pub. I drank a hot cider and rum. Nick obviously drank a beer. There was a fireplace and cozy couches and a gorgeous old fashioned, dimly lit bar that felt straight out of Ireland or something. I wish we’d have had time for a long hike or a ski so we could have basked in the warmth like we earned it.   

The wedding was fantastic, even though I only indulged in one drink due to breastfeeding. We went to bed around 10:30, and all of us slept until about 7. Thank you Redmond. 

We tried to go on a walk but it was cold and Red was hungry and tired so…it lasted like five minutes. 

 We had a nice little exploring afternoon in North Conway. We had Redmond bundled up in his bear suit, and he was basically a baby celebrity and had people coming up constantly to coo at him. Luckily he loves attention. 

I’m desperate to go back this winter and ride the scenic train. Because, eating in a dining  car while watching New Hampshire roll by would make me feel like I was in White Christmas. Snooooow, snoow, snoow, snoooow! Anyone?

Redmond had a ball at the play ground.  

Basically the weekend got me IN the mood for the holidays. I started listening to Christmas music the other day while I made apple crisp. And I’m pulling out my Christmas piano music today to prep for the parties I’ll be playing at! I just need to get a few more Christmas dresses…