Autumn Wedding 

by lovelysimply

It turns out that when you are breastfeeding and going to a wedding, it’s a little tricky to find a dress that you can nurse in, be comfortable in, and look good in. In the summer it’s easy. But everything is easier in the summer isn’t it? Thankfully this dress met the challenge.

 The wedding was in North Conway New Hampshire and it was about 10 degrees colder there. It’s only 2 hours north but it felt charmingly like another world. I kept wanting to bust out a fair isle sweater and get my ski on with some ear muffs and a mug of spiked hot cocoa at the end of the day in front of a big old fire. You feel me? Winter, 1960s style. I told Nick we’d have to go back to fulfil this fantasy of mine over our never ending winter season.  

Aaaaaaanyway. Focus. When Ever pretty dress wanted to do a collaboration I was THRILLED. I chose this dress immediately because it’s super nursing friendly and the cranberry color is fall perfection. It was so comfortable for an evening of dancing, eating, laughing, and obviously breastfeeding haha. Redmond had a ball at the wedding and partied with everyone until 10:00. Without napping mind you and without a single cry. He is a social little baby. He gets that from his mama. Not that Nick is an antisocial monster. I just like to take credit for all of Redmonds qualities. Because I pushed him out of my lady parts so I get to do what I want. 

  Also, can I just say I managed to wear those heels for 6 straight hours thanks to a slathering of Sole serum. I usually last about 45 minutes in heels that high, but that stuff really works. I don’t know how. But it does. 

All the dressing up and eating and relaxing with family this weekend got me all kinds of excited for the holiday season. I love thanksgiving and I can’t wait to celebrate our first Christmas  as a family of three. And to watch love actually, and little women, and white Christmas, and the holiday, and need I continue? Cause I could.  

Dress c/o Ever pretty dress

Shoes c/o Famous footwear